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  1. Default flies in exchange for feedback

    hey guys hows it goin? I'm trying to get into guiding next summer and I've been tying flies for about 8 months. I really need sum feedback on my tying and any kind of criticism would be accepted. If you could just shoot me an email or message I would appreciate it. I will send you the flies that you request.

    thanks guys i really appreciate it.

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    im sure if you posted pics people would be willing to tell you what they think

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    Default Re: flies in exchange for feedback

    Why not,I'll send you an MP.

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    Default Re: flies in exchange for feedback

    Hi boberry,

    Please post a few pictures and we can critique your work. I think you will get a lot more feed back that way.

    We had one member who started tying while a member. We helped him along and now he is a very good tyer and did it in a short time.


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    Hey Addison welcome to the forum. I'm sure if you post pics you'll get a lot of constructive feedback as far as the "looks" go in terms of proportions, neatness etc, and it's always great to see flies that folks have tied- both their own take on established patterns and their own creations.

    There are a lot of great tyers on the board including folks from overseas "JBBFLY" (from France), "TOB1" (from Norway), a bunch of folks from "down under" and a ton of folks on the board here in the US that are excellent tyers and in many cases are also guides.

    But odds are anything you're tying, regardless of what it looks like, will catch some fish if you get them in front of 'em.

    There's also a "tips" sticky in the fly tying section that might be worth checking out, and if you have any of your own tips you want to share, let me know and I'll add them.


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    Like the guys have said before, show us your work. I'd be happy to help you in any way I can. Also, where will you be guidin'?

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    thank guys i really appreciate it. I'll work on some pictures tonight. Also, thanks for the warm welcome to the forum you guys are pretty awsome!

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    Welcome............glad to have you here!!!!!

    Save your flies for the some pics bud and we can help.

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