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Thread: Going Tiny Swap

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    Allan, got the flies last week and thanks for hosting and the extra freebies.

    All flies are great and love them all !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pocono View Post
    About 3 weeks ago, Futuramille posted a thread entitled "going tiny" and got a lot of replies from members who tie flies in #20 or smaller. Some really nice pics were also posted to the thread.

    So, we started talking about a small fly swap; the "Going Tiny" Swap and one thing lead to another and here we are with a new swap; one for those who either enjoy tying smaller flies or are up for the challenge. We all know that both early in the season as well as throughout the year, smaller patterns can be killer flies on the water, so there's a great rationale for adding 12 of these flies to your fly box; for those days when the big mayflies, caddis and stones just aren't coming off the water. Anyone fished a midge pattern lately? I know that I have.

    So far, in this swap we have:


    We'll put a limit on this swap of 12 tyers. I'm thinking about a due date after the Thanksgiving Day Holiday in the US (since Peregrines has 2 or more swaps that have due dates of November 20th); probably Dec. 15; just in time for eveyone to get their flies for Christmas.

    Sign-up for this swap if you're interested in tying some small flies and let me know what pattern you'll be tying up.

    Time to swing over those magnifying lenses and check to make sure that your eyeglasses perscriptions are up to date!


    Got mine last night...and thank you for the leader...I have been wanting to try the Rio.
    Allan you rock!

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    I can't help repeatedly admiring that tiny little snow fly. Your absolutely THE goddess!

    all the flies are very nice. What a great experience!

    thanks everyone!

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    Thank you so much. I guess do them while you can. Seems the hands get stiffer and the eyes get dimmer, but ain't it great.
    We are having our annual freeze your A off at the Provo this Saturday so these flies came at the most perfect time....Gonna TRY to use each one.

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    Default Re: Going Tiny Swap

    Mine were in the mailbox today. You folks rock!!
    Great tiny flies......I think.....that is if I could see them they would be great!!
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