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    Thanks for the great flies and the opportunity to participate.

    Great pictures in the "swap pic" area.

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    Thanks everyone, nice flies and excellent ties. Can't wait for the lakes to open up!


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    Hey, I'm most deffinatly in. I tie a stone fly, it can be tied from a size 10-5 streamer hook. It is a deadly fly, this is the one fly I can use throughout the hot summer months, on one island lake (which is over fished way too much) and can catch rainbow trout in the double diget range biggest rainbow I have ever caught on it was around "23 Lbs". Yes we are talking trout, not steel head. I don't know what to name it since it is my own tied fly. I will upload some pictures of it someday.

    Thanks sincerely, Dakota Mercer

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    Dude, this thread has been dead for nearly two years, just a bit late to the party.

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    If there is enough interest though, I am sure that another swap can be arranged.

    Just let Mark (peregrines) know if you want to do another swap as he is typically the swap "coordinator"

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    1. the fact or state of having been affected by or gained knowledge through direct observation or participation

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