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peregrines 12-01-2009 01:46 PM

Caddis Life Cycle Swap
Here's an opportunity for beginning, intermediate, and advanced tyers to get in on, with a caddis life cycle swap. It's a good way for folks that may be a bit new to this to get a sense of what types of flies are used to imitate different stages of the life cycle of the stuff that trout feed on, and to recognize different stages in on the stream.

Due date March 1 2010.

For beginning tyers, if you want some suggestions for easier to tie patterns, send me a PM.

There will be a a couple of slots for folks that want to tie up some larva, pupa or adult caddis patterns:

Larva (caddis 'nymph' type patterns)
1. Hyrgrnd- Barr's Net Builder RECEIVED
2. Cicvara- Caddis Larva - RECEIVED
3. Rip Tide - Grannom cased caddis larva - RECEIVED

Pupa and (wetfly and emerger patterns)
4. Futuramille- Marabou Caddis Pupa- RECEIVED
5. Webrx- pupa with CDC - RECEIVED
6. ChrisinselwynNZ- Caddis Emerger- RECEIVED

Adult (dry fly patterns)
7. Kerry Pitt- McPhail Elk Hair Sedge- RECEIVED
8. Brandy - X Caddis RECEIVED
9. peregrines - egg laying caddis- DONE
10. Luked- Elk Hair Caddis - RECEIVED

Tyer's choice (any caddis pattern)
11. McNerny- caddis larva - RECEIVED

futuramille 12-02-2009 06:28 AM

Re: Caddis Life Cycle Swap
Please put me in for a Pupa/Emerger. pattern TBD.

webrx 12-02-2009 07:00 AM

Re: Caddis Life Cycle Swap
I will do an emerger as well. Something with CDC


hyrgrnd 12-02-2009 08:09 AM

Re: Caddis Life Cycle Swap
Looks like fun.

peregrines 12-02-2009 08:41 AM

Re: Caddis Life Cycle Swap
Great you're all in. let's see if we can get a few more for this one.

futuramille 12-02-2009 10:14 PM

Re: Caddis Life Cycle Swap
maraboo caddis pupa

Hook: Scud #16
Body: Olive maraboo, 10lb mono
legs: Olive mallard flank
wing: brown whiting soft hackle
collar: Mink
Bead: Brass - gun metal

peregrines 12-02-2009 10:18 PM

Re: Caddis Life Cycle Swap
Very nice!

ChrisinselwynNZ 12-06-2009 04:43 PM

Re: Caddis Life Cycle Swap
Count me in Mark
Ill tie an emerging caddis with hare gaurd fur hackle small maby #16/18 ish
if thats ok


Kerry Pitt 12-06-2009 05:13 PM

Re: Caddis Life Cycle Swap
Sure I'll do a dry....have to look up the name I cannot remember.....Kerry

brandy 12-06-2009 11:30 PM

Re: Caddis Life Cycle Swap
do you have anymore room for the drys on here mark?

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