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Thread: Apology....

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    Hi all, it has been a while since I've been on the boards. Hope everyone is doing well.

    I had a baby girl at the end of last May who had some health issues. I was participating in a fly swap at the time and to be honest, everything in my life fell by the wayside for few weeks while she was in the hospital. She is doing great now, but I never sent my flies in for the swap. I know that is a trivial thing, but still feel I should apologize to all the other members who were participating.

    Anyway, glad to be back. Looking forward to reconnecting with old friends on here and meeting new ones!

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    Glad to hear you baby is doing better. No other more important priority than family. I doubt anyone here feels the need for an apology. Welcome back.

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    No apology necessary here Duck. Good to see you back and all well.

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    Hi Dorian,

    We are glad to see you back and your little girl is doing better. Are you doing any tying now?


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    Pleased to see you back Dorian and glad to hear your daughter is fine

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    Thanks everyone!

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    Dorian no problem man, glad to hear your daughter is Ok--- and congrats to you and your wife.

    We've got a lot of fly swaps going on and coming up down the road, and you're always welcome to hop in if you have the time.


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    Dorian, just glad to have you back, we all know family comes first!


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    Congrats and so glad to hear your daughter is doing better.
    Good to see you back

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    Dorian!!!!! Missed you hon!... Seriously. Hope everything is on track now and I will be up there at the Expo on Saturday!

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