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    Default Re: Material swap......

    me too.
    i'll eventually come up with some material.

    man do i wish i had my hooks back. oh well. this sounds pretty cool to me

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    Can we get this moving?

    I have about 10,000 hackles I can add to the mix and alot of salt fly stuff since I quit the commercial tying.

    This would be great thing for all. I have done this in the past on several other sites...what a blast!!!

    To start:
    1. We need a host: Who gets first pick of all we send in.(should be a mod and fellow swapper)
    2. We need 12 swappers to start
    3. We send all materials to host: each person bags up $10- $20 worth of goodies of all kinds.
    4. He sends box to first on the list; who gets to pick 1 bag. ( if you bag up a 200.00 are being extra generous.)
    5. All materials are sent to host postage paid so our only cost from then on is to forward packge to next on list.
    6. To make it more fun you can even option to send it around out of order, but cross off the name of whoever you send it to so it doesn't go back to someone who has already had it.

    The last one of these I was in lasted for two years!!!!

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    Default Re: Material swap......

    And it comes back to life!
    Forgot about this thread, it seemed as though there wasn't enough interest.

    I'm still game.....

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    Default Re: Material swap......

    Sounds like a good time, I'm game.

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    Default Re: Material swap......

    I'll split shipping with ya!

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    Default Re: Material swap......

    I am running one right now on another forum and how it works is you can put anything related to fly fish or tying materials in the box. The object is, take what interest you from the box and replace it with equal value, and that would mean not a bunch of junk.

    One thing to consider is the shipping cost is running between $15 flat rate USPO cost to $25 with insurance added because of the value inside of the box has been estimated over $500. And one other issue you need to mention is DO NOT add untreated materials to the box or you will have a box of bugs.
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    Default Re: Material swap......

    Hi Everyone,

    There has been some material swaps between friends that have worked. I suggest that if you want to do a material swap get together and do it with your firends.

    If you hold a major swap with a bunch of people you aren't acquainted with there is a chance that someone will get there feelings hurt, or you end up with something worth less than what you put in. This is fraught with peril but joining is your decision. I urge you all to think this through before deciding. The person who puts the box together and ships it out will have the cost of the items plus the shipping. That could be a few bucks that is never recovered.


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    Default Re: Material swap......

    Quote Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
    Darned, and I was planning on trading that Jungle Cock cape for a chunk of road killed Moose Butt
    i just happen to have a real fine chunk, i guess you'd call it a chunk
    of Moose butt, and i am in dire need of a grade#1 Jungle Cock neck.

    i'm pretty sure it was killed on the road, or maybe it killed someone on the road???

    so ? are we good to go???

    man this is cool

    jungle cock jungle cock jungle cock

    " a material swap get together and do it with your friends." i am of the same opinion , offer some stuff up and see who could use it or would like to swap for it and go from there.
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    Guess this one died!

    "As The deer Thirts For Water, I thirst for you Oh Lord"

    North Woods Wanderings
    Adventure into the North Woods.......

    "Aroostook Flyers and Tyers"

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