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    Default Status of fly swaps on this site


    Tying season in drawing closer and closer. At the beginning of 2012 we ran into some issues with the swaps on this site being drawn out way beyond the due dates. As another tying season is approaching, I was wondering what the status of swapping flies on this site will be for the upcoming winter? I hope that the swaps are not dead, but I also hope for more cooperation with people meeting their obligations on time. So, moderators, what will it be??


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    Default Re: Status of fly swaps on this site

    Hi Forrest,

    I believe there will be a new coordinator and there will be rules. The new coordinator may be me until I find another willing member. The rules will be made a sticky and they will be adhered to.

    The current state of the swaps has become embarrassing. I have no idea of how many are completed and how many are not. I've had a pretty full plate this season and still have some fishing I will be doing. After I get past September I will get the ball rolling by drafting the 'Fly Swap Guidelines' and Stickying them.

    I hope this will help to lay the groundwork for this winters activities.


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    Default Re: Status of fly swaps on this site

    Hi Ard,
    I've been watching and waiting for this post for a while. I think it's plain that Mark has something going on and I hope it's nothing real bad. He did such a great job juggling so many swaps and the photos. I hope for the best for him.
    I did want to mention to you that, somewhere in all the tying threads traffic, I recall reading someone volunteering to take over. They said something to the effect that the mail into Montana? Wyoming? couldn't take that much longer than mailing to N.Y. I looked for it but couldn't find the thread.

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    Default Re: Status of fly swaps on this site

    I have enjoyed participating in the fly swaps and hope that they will continue.

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    Default Re: Status of fly swaps on this site

    Quote Originally Posted by stimulator2 View Post
    I have enjoyed participating in the fly swaps and hope that they will continue.
    I second that with some guidelines added
    Popperfly >-<(((((*>

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    Default Re: Status of fly swaps on this site

    I know that I have been at fault for tardiness with fly swaps in the past, but I am willing to repent and would like to be involved in fly swaps in the future! I know that there are some previous fly swaps still up in the air, but I give a lot of credit to Mark for dealing with all the shenanigans associated with the cat-herding, documenting, and redistribution.
    - A.J.

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