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    Default Time for Another Fly Swap.............!!

    I talked to Ard the other day and thought it might make sense to follow the Nymph Swap with a Dry Fly Swap. When the nymphs start shedding their cases in the early Spring, the first hatches start coming off and you start seeing some good looking rises, it’s Dry Fly season for me.

    Almost everyone’s got a favorite hatch in the Spring; or right on through the season. So how about a Dry Fly Swap to match your favorite hatch? Either the dry that matches your favorite hatch or the dry that you find most effective when your favorite hatch is coming off.

    If we started now and let it run for 6 weeks, like the Nymph Swap, then we could set a due date after Christmas and be all done in time to get these flies in everyone’s hands just after New Years.

    Having said that, tying up flies during the Holiday season can be a challenge; with Thanksgiving being just around the corner now. So, an alternative could be to let it run for 8 weeks and have a due date in mid-January. Worst case, we could start it up January 1st and have it finish up in mid-February. It all depends on what works best for the swap members. Let me know what you think when you sign up.

    But assuming that everyone can handle the Holiday crunch, let’s say that we start now and set a due date of December 31st. Since dries take a little more time to tie up for most of us, let’s set a limit of 12 members; you’ll each get 11 flies back. Same on-time rules as for John’s Nymph Swap. I’ll PM my address to each of you after you sign up.

    1. Hardyreels - Quill Gordon RECEIVED
    2. Kerry Pitt - Olive Sedgehog RECEIVED
    3. Fyshstykr - Buffalo Midge RECEIVED
    4. lotech_joe - Royal Coachman RECEIVED
    5. ghocevar - Yellow Sally RECEIVED
    6. wt bash - Bivisable variant RECEIVED
    7. mcnerney - Baetis Sparkle Dun RECEIVED
    8. s fontinalis - Fan Wing Coachman RECEIVED
    9. biggie_robs - Gray Doodle (Gray Fox) RECEIVED
    10. Pocono - Elk Hair Caddis RECEIVED
    11. Mudbug - Gray Duster Variant RECEIVED
    12. williamhj - Brown Drake RECEIVED

    Pocono (Allan)
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    Default Re: Time for Another Fly Swap.............!!

    Since I need to get my groove back with the classic dries I'll get in on this swap on the ground floor. I will make the Quill Gordon in a size 14, where I always encountered this hatch they were a #14 so I hope that will work for the group.


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    Default Re: Time for Another Fly Swap.............!!

    Yeah I may as well give it a shot, been a while for me. I will tie an Olive Sedgehog, probably in #12 or #14.
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    Default Re: Time for Another Fly Swap.............!!

    Ahhh hell, why not.....I've been trying to get back into tying for a while and this will get my rear in gear. I'll tie up some CDC Egg Laying Caddis, a great early season pattern on the Henry's Fork.

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    Default Re: Time for Another Fly Swap.............!!

    You can sign me up for a size #10, hair wing, Royal Coachman. They are a great attractor pattern for the rivers in North Idaho. It will be good to get back into tying some dries.
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    I'mma gonna try this one since I missed out on the last...#18 Yellow Sally.

  9. Default Re: Time for Another Fly Swap.............!!

    I'm in Poc. Not sure with what but I will give it some thought

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    Default Re: Time for Another Fly Swap.............!!

    Allan: Count me in, not sure just yet what I will tie, let me think on it a bit.


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    Default Re: Time for Another Fly Swap.............!!

    Dries are my current winter tying project.

    Fan wing coachman.


    Addicted To Vise Flies

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    Default Re: Time for Another Fly Swap.............!!

    I'm willing to get in on my first swap. My pattern would be a version of the Grey Fox, which I call the Grey Doodle. It's basically a Grey Fox with labradoodle dubbing instead of fox.

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