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    How good of a tier do you need to be to participate. I've been tying for just over 2 years and although NONE of my flies would be shown in an expo I do catch 80% or so of my fish on flies I've tied. Do people tend to tie special patterns or are common/well-known patterns exchanged as well?

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    It's not a contest to see who is the better tyer but a chance to share your patterns or interpretations of classic ones.

    Most swaps have a theme....wets/dries/stoneflies/foam/hoppers or what have you.

    Never know until you's addictive!!!

    Love to swap and see who is tying what!!!

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    Hi liv2fish,

    Thanks for a very good question. The fly swap is intended to be fun and to see what other tiers are doing. It is about sharing recipes and maybe even making friends. No one is expecting to see expo quality flies. I think its more about tying flies that catch fish and not how good they are tyed. Sometimes you see good ideas that you had not thought about doing. During the last swap one of the least experience tyers tyed one of the best flies. Lots of experience is not necessary to participate in a fly swap.

    To all of you new tyers who lack confidence and is afraid that their flies may not be as good as someone else, join a swap, it will be well worth your time and effort.


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    Agreed. A fly swap does not require an individual to be a great tier, but it is more of a way to see how some flies look. I like to use beads in my patterns, and some people have never seen that before. It is just interesting to see what people come up with. I've participated in a handful and never ran into a bad experience. Try one and you'll see for yourself just how much fun they are. I'd just try to avoid those 50+ member swaps for now since they are a bit involved.

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    Check this forum under Foam flies 2008 and you will see tyers of all levels just having fun. Another swap will most likely be held..... just keep watching.

    Love to have you join....... It's a wonderful addiction.

    "As The deer Thirts For Water, I thirst for you Oh Lord"

    North Woods Wanderings
    Adventure into the North Woods.......

    "Aroostook Flyers and Tyers"

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    Thanks for all the responses. I am sure I will take part in a swap at some point in the near future. I just didn't want someone to think I didn't put any effort into the flies. I would make sure the flies I traded caught fish on a regular basis. Sounds like a lot of fun, I look forward to it.

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    I agree with everyone else who has responded. I have became friends with multiple people that i have swaped flies with. I've only been tying for 3 years and try to tie on a regular schedule if i can so i don't forget patterns. Do you have people to tie with. i normally tie with my father-in-law and 2 of his co-workers. I have learned tons just from watching them tie. I consider myself a novice in the tying world. i know people who have been tying for 40+ years. They are far from perfect. You should see some of the creations that they come up with. They look like a piece of lint on a hook. No one can tie a perfect fly everytime.

    Tightlines and Happy tying


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    I am no expert at all! in fact last wet fly swap it was my 1st ever wet flys I ever tied.. this foam swap I did a very basic fly but it works for sure. this is no contest at all. just sharing your patterns
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