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Thread: Material Swap??

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    It was my pleasure. Once things settle down with the transition to the new baby in the house, I will start other swaps.


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    Thanks John for hosting the swap.

    John, Larry, and Basser, thank you so much for the wonderful materials. I can see a bunch of Adams(Muskrat), Beaver Leeches(Beaver pelt), and never needing for tailing material again with all the Moose hair.

    This was my first swap of any kind, and I would like to be involved in another in the future.
    Thank you all once again.

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    I am proud to say that I used material from the swap last night during my tying session that happens every Thursday. I used some of the tan dubbing that was submitted my fyshstykr for some elk-hair caddis. Worked great


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    Great swap guys........thanks!!!!

    "As The deer Thirts For Water, I thirst for you Oh Lord"

    North Woods Wanderings
    Adventure into the North Woods.......

    "Aroostook Flyers and Tyers"

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