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    Default Fly Swap Guidelines

    Hi to all,

    I have started a new thread about this subject so it doesn't interfere with the Spring Fling swap.

    There has been a question asked about the $3.00 sent with your flies so the Meister isn't out any money. There are cost and time associated with being a fly swap Meister. I am looking for input about changing the guide lines. Should it be less money? Should I add: "or send a self address, stamped envelope"? Should we reduce it to $2.00? I would appreciate your thoughts.

    I do have a problem that sending a self address, stamped envelop does not off set the time, gas and sometimes postage spent by the Meister. In the case of the two swaps that Joni was the Meister everybody got a pretty good package.

    I have posted the Fly Swap Guidelines below. Looking for any comments about the guides lines. Not just the $3.00 question.


    What is a fly swap?

    The purpose of a fly swap is to allow a number of NAFFF members to swap flies with each other to exchange ideas and techniques.

    A fly swap consists of 10 or 12 members who agree to tye the appropriate number of flies and swap them with each other. Anyone can start a thread asking about a fly swap. One of the participants will voulunter to be a SwapMesiter. A fly swap will usually require the flies to be a certain type such as Dry Fly, Wet Fly, Nymph, Streamer or any classification of fly that the SwapMesiter and participants agree to. Joining a fly swap has some responsibility. Each member and the SwapMesiter need to enter into the swap with good intentions and fulfill their obligations.

    The following outlines the Fly Swap procedure:

    1. Any member can post a request to organize a fly swap and suggest a type of fly to tye.

    2. Other members interested in the fly swap will reply to the post and agree on the type of fly to tye.

    3. One of the members will volunteer to be a SwapMesiter.

    4. The SwapMesiter will determine the number of tyers required and state in a post the number of flies to tye and the date the flies have to be mailed to the SwapMesiter. The SwapMesiter will be responsible to keep everyone notified of the status of the swap and issue a weekly reminder of the due date. The SwapMesiter will notify the members of his/her address by PM or Email.

    5. Each member of the fly swap will tye the designated number of flies that the SwapMesiter has stated and mail their flies to the SwapMesiter by the established date. The flies will be in a small plastic or metal container. The tyer will include their name and address with $3.00 for return postage. It is convent for the recipient of the flies, but not necessary, if the flies are tagged with the name of the fly and the NAFFF screen name of the tyer.

    6. The SwapMesiter will separate the flies and mail each participant one each of the flies sent in by the other members of the swap. So if there are 12 members you will receive one fly from each member of the swap or 11 flies. Any money not used for postage by the SwapMesiter will be retained by the SwapMesiter for his/her efforts.

    7. It would be nice if each member would post a picture of his fly and the recipe in the fly swap thread but not required.

    The fly swap is intended to be fun and to see what other tiers are doing. It is about sharing recipes and maybe even making friends. No one is expecting to see expo quality flies. I think its more about tying flies that catch fish and not how good they are tyed. Sometimes you see good ideas that you had not thought about doing.

    Lots of experience is not necessary to participate in a fly swap. To all of you new tyers who lack confidence and is afraid that their flies may not be as good as someone else, join a swap, it will be well worth your time and effort.

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    Default Re: Fly Swap Guidelines


    I went back and checked one of my earliest posts and noted that it was I who proposed the $3.00 postage charge. I'd never been in a fly swap before, didn't know how much postage to attach to a pre-paid envelope, and figured $3.00 should cover it and that it was pretty darn cheap for a dozen or so flies. I've had no problem with sending cash, but what does Joni think? Is it too much aggravation for her to have to haul all of those envelopes to the post office and wait around to get them marked? So far, I've gotten 3 furled leaders and a flybox from her (plus 20 flies); not a bad deal for $8.00. Ha!

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    Default Re: Fly Swap Guidelines

    Hi Frank,

    I'm kinda on the fence with this one. While the idea of a little change going to the meister to offset the hassle is a good thing, I absolutely hate going to the Post Office to mail packages myself. Over on Arizona fly and tie, they do the SASE thing and it works pretty good. What I do is get the envelope ready and have it weighed with the flies going out to determine the postage required coming back to me. Slap on the stamps, throw it all in the outgoing envelope, and I'm done.

    I guess it could be the option of the swapmeister? That may be a good "out" in case they didn't want to stand in line.



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    Default Re: Fly Swap Guidelines

    Hi Greenwood,

    You may be the one who first suggested the $3.00 but others, including myself, thought it was reasonable. So you are not guilty! I have to admit that I felt it was fine based on my own circumstances and maybe it has a negative impact on someone else. That is why I have asked the question.

    I am hoping that Joni is going to give us her input.


  5. Default Re: Fly Swap Guidelines

    Glad to see that you are exploring the pros and cons of both. There have been times when a swapper adds neither but a quick message usually settles it. And 99% of the time they just plain forgot.

    What is the procedure for swappers from overseas? They usually have access to American dollars but some don't. I would suggest that the SM ask for a half dozen flys or whatever...and then the SM expends the money for the postage (as well as filling out the customs form). Again, this is where the self addressed envelope is handy.

    Jim the deserttrout

  6. Default Re: Fly Swap Guidelines

    Hi Desert,
    One question I have about sending back a prepaid addressed envelope is how do you know how much postage to put on it? Do you weigh the flies you are sending and adding a little more postage to the return one in case the flies you are getting back weigh a bit more?
    I do think the postage paid envelope system would save the Mesiter some time and hassle at the post office.


    Yukon Jack

  7. Default Re: Fly Swap Guidelines


    I take the envelope to the post office where they weigh it and price the postage based on weight and zip code. Once that is done, I put the flys and pre-addressed/stamped envelope in a larger envelope and mail it to the Swap Meister. Thus far, there have not been any swaps where the returning flys weighed more than what was already posted. I think that it would take a bunch of flys to make a noticable increase.

    On another note and another case for the pre-addressed/stamped envelope.
    Last March/April I signed up for a "Tom Nixon Memorial Swap being hosted by MArk Delaney. I tied a dozen and half Zulus. Three were for an auction that Mark has each year for a LA concave and three were for his efforts. Right before the concave, Mark died of diabetis related problems. I wrote the swap off as the widow knew nothing about the swap, let along about tying flys and she had many more important things to do than sort flys for mostly folks she did not know. In fact, VFB held a memorial swap in Marks honor and almost 30 different flys are being set in a shadow box to be presented to her. Yesterday I received the Zulus back in the stamped, pre-address envelope I provided. This is the extreme but it does happen.

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