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  1. Default Re: Winter Streamer Swap 2008

    Another is on the list. (7 total so far)

    Jerry McKaughan

  2. Default Re: Winter Streamer Swap 2008

    # 8 and 9 just signed up. I will try to have this go for 15 total so there will be room for everyone who wants to.

    If you are interested, please let me know before the chance is gone.


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    I had a flurry of people that wanted part of the fun last night, so I only have 2 spots left for this swap.

    The details of the swap will be going out soon.


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    The sign-up period is now complete. Here are the details for the swap.

    Tying deadline - December 1st
    There are 15 tyers total so please send 15 flies
    Any streamer pattern

    When submitting the set of flies for the swap please include the following:
    -Toe tags w/ name of fly and you name (I also include my e-mail address)
    -A pre-addressed stamped envelope with enough postage to cover the return trip or enough $ to cover the padded envelope and return postage
    -A copy of the recipe so I can link the right fly to the right tyer. (this can be e-mailed to me as well if you would like.)

    Address to send flies to:
    John Bennett
    586 w 2250 n
    Clinton, Utah 84015

    If you have any questions, you can contact me via e-mail ( or by phone (801-927-7588)

    Here are people who signed up
    1. Mcnerney
    2. Lilybennett
    3. Dshort
    4. Wyatt
    5. Jerry McKaughan
    6. Thomas
    7. Jared DuBach
    8. jim hodson
    9. Wes Wada
    10. david masson
    11. Rene.Zillmann
    12. Peter Gramp
    13. Chuck
    14. chocomoose chocomoose
    15. Jclampwork88

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    Default Re: Winter Streamer Swap 2008

    Hi to all,

    John did a super job on the last fly swap and the material swap. A big thanks to you John for your good work.

    This last sign up went quick. I see we have a few new participants and I wanted to welcome all of you new members to the NAFFF streamer fly swap. The quality of flies in the previous swaps has been excellent.

    If any members in the Streamer Fly Swap have problems getting their flies to John, we understand. We all know that things happen in life and other commitments may preclude someone from fulfilling their commitments to the fly swap. To be fair to John and the other members in the fly swap, every effort should be made to complete your flies and get them to John on time. If after signing up and you find it impossible to get your flies done please let John know in a PM or Email as soon as possible.

    Also a couple of thoughts to the many members who have not been in a fly swap but do tye flies. The NAFFF fly swaps are about fun and seeing new patterns. We have had very new fly tiers do a great job and provide good flies that catch fish. We are not looking for exhibition flies. Just think how much help it will be to get 15 new streamers that you can study and fish with. I think fly swaps are a good fly tying learning tool. I hope you all have a great time with the Streamer Swap.


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    Thank you Frank for your thoughts on swaps. I have to second your words about learning from swaps. I have only been tying for a few years but I have learned more since I started doing swaps then I would of just tying by myself and my tying group.

    Have fun tying and I can't wait to see what comes in the mail.


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    Default Re: Winter Streamer Swap 2008

    I have not been around very much lately, so I just seen this sign up.

    Do you have room left for one more? being the colder months I will have time to do this, so if you can fit me in it would be great, if not that's ok too as I will just join the next one.

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    Hey John
    What do think of this Shaggy Leech for this streamer swap and go 16 of um.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I like the shaggy leech.

    I don't see why we can't go 16. Fyshstykr, you squiked in

    So that is the final # "16"

    Lets get tying


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    Shucks missed this one.....will watch for the next, though I do tie a pretty mean JJ Special

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