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    Even though I live in an area that I could fish all year my knee Doc put me down for at least the next 12 weeks, so it looks like tying and watching birds at my feeders lol. let me know when the next swap is going to be and I would love to join in, or if anyone just wants to swap 6 or 12 let me know. I do difent stuff but bead head sowbugs, red asses, wooly buggers, a pan fish pattern thats like a wooly worm with legs, and bass bugs(deer hair) and streamers are what I do most.
    Good fishin

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    Bear, I would love to swap with you for some of your deer hair bass bugs. I use them for smallmouth here in the summer and I don't tie them.

    What kind of pattern would you be interested in? I tie mostly trout flies, dries and nymphs, but can do other stuff too.

    BTW, hope the knee feels better.

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    Hey thanks,
    My knee will feel better in about 3 months haha, been walking on a fractured(and yes, wading and flyfishin) on a fratcured tibia with out even knowing it haha the pain from my knee coverd the pain from that.
    Anyway I would like to have maybe some size 16 or 18 haires ear parachutes or the same size adams parachutes. Thats the first thing that pops in my mind anyway, would be open to ideas if you have a fav you tie. let me know what ya think
    Keep your top knot dry and you line tight

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    What size and colors do you favor. How many are you thinking ?

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    Well, those are complicated to tie and are worth more than a little dry fly, so how about 6 or 8 of them for the 16 to 18 dry flies. I am thinking size 6 - 8 in blue, olive or yellow.

    I can definitely tie up some parachutes if that's what you like. A 16 is usually the smallest parachute I tie. On the 18s, 20s and 22s I usually tie a CDC comparadun. I find it hard to work with the parachute hackle in those small sizes. I also tie an elk & cdc caddis pattern that I'm pretty proud of.

    Sounds like you are looking more for searching flies as opposed to more exact copies of a particular hatch?

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    Sounds good to me, I like all the flies you mentioned so if you want to tye a , a few compra's and a few elk hair that would be cool, so you dont get burnt out doing one style or if its better for you to set up for one the compra's or the elk hair would be great, I usaly use light colors, tan, cream, such as that. I'll do some deer hair in the colors you like and throw in a couple of my fav., like bumble bee.
    Thanks Bear

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