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  1. Default Winter Streamer Fly Swap Gallery

    Here are the pictures from the Swap. They are all great flies.

    Mcnerney Vanilla Bugger
    Lily Bennett Coyote Tail Surprise
    Dshort The Black Marauder
    Wyatt - Shaggy Leech
    Jerry McKaughan - .56er Tom Nixon
    Jared DuBach Sheep Creek Special
    Wes Wada Crystal Chub
    David masson Modified Missionary Fly
    Rene Zillmann Squirrel Spruce
    Joni - The Flaming Hooker
    John Bennett Fuzzy Crayfish

    Thanks again for participating.

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  2. Default Re: Winter Streamer Fly Swap Gallery

    That Squirrle Spruce is a pattern thats goin' to be heatin' my vice. SWEET!!
    I like organic chicken..... The kind with the capes still on 'em

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