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    Got the flies yesterday.. awesome!! Thanks for the extra freebie!

    About Dennis, sorry to hear about the loss.

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    Flies arrived in PA today and they look great; unfortunately, the only bluegill fishing going on right now is through a hole in the ice.

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    Same here, but the pond is half open and there are BG and Bass there. Question is, will they bite in this cold?

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    yeah..the fish will bite, but youre going to have to put the fly very close to the bluegill. my fish biology is a little rusty right now, but im pretty sure a bluegills heart decreases in size when the water is really cold. they dont have much energy. so they wont go too far to eat, plus they dont need to eat as much food because of the lower metabolism. i think the same applies to largemouth bass, but im not sure on that one.

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    When teh water temp is in the upper 40's to low 50's you can fish fast and get a re-action bite, but bellow say 44 you have to move your fly REAL SLOOOOOOW. I have caught a few bass on half frozen ponds with a streamer one cast and retrieve would take me maybe 15-20 minutes, often times the I would let the fly set there 2-3 minutes and the bass would be there when I started to gently pull the line.
    If you get a warm and sunny day bass and gill's will often be surpisenly close to the bank in shallow water warming up and eating(rock banks are best). Get a warm southerly wind blowing and the sun shining and the north bank of a pond or small lake can be awsome fishing in teh winter, and even if not it sure as hell beats setting around teh house lol

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    I was out on sunday catching BG and Bass on topwater, but it was like 75 degrees here. lol

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    Received a thank you letter from Reeling & Healing and am posting this on both threads associated with the Bluegill swap. Here is a quote from the note:

    Thank you for your donation of hand-tied flies for Reeling & Healing Midwest. Your generosity will directly support our fly fishing cancer wellness retreats for women battling and surviving cancer.

    You guys are great! Thanks for the extra flies!!!

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    Thank you Blue Dun.

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  10. Default Re: NAFF 2009 Bluegill swap

    GREAT!!!! Now we just need some fish attached!

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