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Thread: One more

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    dude, count me in! streamers...i think i have a couple to choose from.

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    woolly buggers are fair game right? because i just tied up a couple flashy modified buggers and they turned out pretty good. those are on a size two (im goin for the big bass w/ those), but ill cut the size down to probably a six.

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    Ya bet woolies are fair game. Glad ya joind.

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    OK ya'all
    It is so far
    webrx and
    Need 5 more , come on lets make this one a full dozen,, who else wants to play????????????????????????????????????

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    joni- just thought id let you know im using that holo-tinsel you sent to me (from the bluegill swap) for my woolly buggers for this swap!

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    What exactly are we talking? Bait fish, leech? Like Woolly Buggers, Mohair Leeches, Muddlers, Zonkers....?

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    Just streamers in general, I am gonna do a bigger size 8 or 6 marabou wet fly, I'll post a pic in a day or so, if no one lieks it I will come up with a diffrent one lol, it will have a pair of hackle for the tail and marabou body and mallard hackle on the front. I know there is a couple takes on woolies. bucktails, what ever you want.

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    Six done, six to go. I'll post up a picture if I get a chance when I get home from work today. Mine is a rootbear colored "Wooley Sculpin" on a size 8 Mustad 9671 with hare hide wings (fins). As I said before, I am a beginner so don't be too disappointed in my fly tying skills, just know that I am trying hard to make them look nice and, I know they will catch fish, at least in the Truckee River here in Reno.


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    Web dont stress yourself man, just do your best.
    OK for those who have not done a fly swap yet.
    What I will need is the following.
    ofcourse your flies- toe taged(fly name-makers name)
    the receipe
    and 200.00 for sending them back to ya LOL
    J/K a couple bucks or a SASE
    Any ?'s give me a holler and I'll be glad to help you

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    When you send the flies please be sure to put Dogwood TR NOT DR
    we have a dogwood Trail and a dogwood Drive here, we also have a dogwood Lane a dogwood road and a Dogwood street,,,,,,glad I am NOT a postman here LOL we have a few other roads like that,,,, the same name but diffrent endings liek DR, TR, LN and so on, talk about freaking confusing

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