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Thread: One more

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    If a #8 or #10 black nosed dace fits in the category of streamer, then I'll tie up a dozen for your swap. Let me know.

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    According to Cabela's, even a Hornberg is a streamer. LOL Scuplins, Woolies, muddlers, Zonkers...etc.

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    Sounds great pocono, thanks
    OK we are up to 8 lets get 4 more in this swap.

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    Here is what I am thinking I will do for this one, what say you?
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    I am going to do the Platte River Spyder....KILLER FLY!

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    bear, i like that fly alot! its def a good choice. i left my camera at home when i came down to school, so i cant upload any pics...but im tying a woolly bugger with maroon marabou, maroon chenille, brown holographic tinsel, and rooster neck hackle. ive tied three, and i am pleased with how theyre coming. it should be a good swap!

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    Here are a few pics of my wooly sculpin..hope you like it.


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    If this meets the requirements , I'll send this one
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    They all look great to me.....great swap!

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    they look good! i like that sculpin, ive never thought of using chenille for the head...nice job!

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