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Thread: Bass Bug swap

  1. Default Bass Bug swap

    I gotta be crazy just finnnishing one swap and have jiond two others, but at the request of a friend I am going to do one more. Heres the deal, a bass bug swap set to finnish July the 31st. The flies? Either top water or crawdad patterns. I am going to do deer hair poppers, but they can be made from foam, balsa, cork or what ever for the top water flies.
    I know top water bugs take awhile to do, that why I am makeing the dead line almost 4 months from now.
    Who wants to play?

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    Default Re: Bass Bug swap

    because i am a huge lake fly fisherman, i cant resist this. i just finished the dry fly swap, and am working on the chironimid swap. im glad you made it a late deadline, or i wouldnt be able to hop on! im def in for this one. ill let you know when i decide a pattern...

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    Default Re: Bass Bug swap

    ill be tying a zonker claw crayfish!

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    Sounds good man, thanks
    Just 10 more to go lol

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    Hey Bear! YOU ARE THE MAN! I love this idea. Let me have a few days to decide what I will create but this will be a blast!
    I can not wait for some summer morning fishing waiting for ole bucketmouth to bust the top of the water!

    I am IN!
    "There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot. "

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    Good deal,

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    i would like to join, but as a newb to fly tying (well pretty new to fly fishing in general!) i would like to tye something that'll be easy on me, but i want to make sure its effective for the rest of you as well!

    what do you guys think of the leech mouse?

    i saw on fly fishing connections a mouse under the bass archive, but i wasn't too sure... if it isn't that great for bass, let me know, i'll look around for something better!


    possibly this? all i need to do is go out and get rabbit hair for either

    so i'll leave it up to you guys to decide, i really don't mind, i just want to get some experience, and make a good quality fly for everyone!

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    the leech mouse is pretty cool, that seems like a great fly for a begginer to tie (im kind of a begginer myself)

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    shoot yeah, eitrher one will work.

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    how much does the rabbit hair strips run about? cause if it isn't too expensive i'll go for the sunfish... otherwise i'll be going with wallet for the leech mouse!

    and if anyone has a different pattern for the sunfish they'd like to recommend that'd be cool.

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