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Thread: CHIRONOMIDS of 2009

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    Absolutely, I will dig out the reciepe today.

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    Sorry it took so long, but i am getting married next week, so i have been a little busy.

    The "Red Bull" (I think I was drunk and was laughing when I would tie on the wings and say "red bull gives you wings." So I called it a Red Bull. If it has a real name I would like to know.)

    Hook: Size 18 Caddis curved ( I used a Mustad Sig C49S)
    Thread: 6/0 Black
    Body: Fine Copper Wire/ Holo Tinsel Med Brown (The wire is under the tinsel for a ribbing affect.
    Collor: Peacock Herl (2 Strands)
    Wings: Flashabou (1 strand folded in 2 to make the wings)
    Bead: 5/64 I think, but really do not remember nor did I write that down

    It has worked for me in both still and moving waters.

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    If I was getting married in a week I would be drunk every night HAHAHAHA
    No, J/K man, congrats

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    Thursday May 7 is the date, so really less than a week. At least she fishes


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    Received my flies today, and just in time as the ice on our local stillwater trout fisheries just came off last Friday. Midges are already hatching and I'm looking forward to trying these patterns out. I'll let you know how they do. Thanks for all your hard work Joni.

    "What a tourist terms a plague of insects, the fly angler calls a great hatch".
    Doc's Ol' Blog House

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