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    Default Snag Free Flies?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has an idea of how to tie flies for bass that would be snag free or less likely to snag on weeds and lilly pads etc.? Any help would be great!

    Thanks, Allen
    A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. ~Tight Lines Everyone~

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    Default Re: Snag Free Flies?

    Heres a link to my floating dragonfly nymph. I tie all my bass flies with this weed guard and it is incredibly weedless and it flexes very well to get good hook ups.

    Jay Spencer’s Floating Dragon Fly Nymph – Tying Instructions | Dan Blanton Fly Fishing Resources

    Here it is on another fly in action

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    Default Re: Snag Free Flies?

    Wow, that's an awesome idea! Im gonna have to try that. Thanks!
    A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. ~Tight Lines Everyone~

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    Default Re: Snag Free Flies?

    In addition to weed guards tying flies that ride hook up can help; like clousers
    - William

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    Default Re: Snag Free Flies?

    Thats also a really good idea. Thanks!
    A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. ~Tight Lines Everyone~

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    Default Re: Snag Free Flies?

    No snag/weed guard is 100% effective, and some are better than others for certain types of snags. I also like wire for fishing around wood & Spadderdock pads, but not a big fan of anything with a "loop". Unfortunately, it seems I always end up finding that one tiny chance in a million that the loop will end up catching on something solid!

    They do work well in some conditions.

    I prefer open ended weed guards, but they don't always protect against all snagging.

    Here's some different types, all taken from sources listed on Google.

    Double mono loop. OK for many situations.
    Double loop weed guard | Fly Tying Fishing Flies | Pinterest

    Front mono loop. OK for grass & such, not a good one for all snags.
    Weed Guards | Cods Country

    Double wire. I like this type for heavy snags, but I bend the tips back inline with the shank. Less chance they stick the fish should it miss the hook. A similar guard can be done in mono or fluorocarbon, and works well in grass.
    a fly for weeds/reeds?

    There's a couple of other guards in this blog article. All can have some use. In the lower picture, on the frog looking fly there's a wire guard that loops over the hook. I like this type too, but again there's the chance of it hanging sometimes. I like it for heavy woods, or rock structure.
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    Thumbs up Re: Snag Free Flies?

    Very cool 'take' on how to tie a weedless fly. Kadoo's to you!

    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: Snag Free Flies?

    A couple comments on the variety of weed guards for fishing HEAVY cover. All the weedless options posted in this thread do have their place. The problem with clousers is they are not weedless. They are GREAT for fishing along bottom structure. not for reeds and lilies and submerged grass fields where bass hide.

    The Mono loop guard it great and I use it on my smaller hooks. It does not stand up well to the rigors and abuse of fishing heavy cover and catching fish. ive found the mono loop can get funky with abuse and no longer protect the hook point.

    The wire guards that have a little bend in them and actually sit up on the hook point do provide GREAT weed protection. However, when that weed guard pops off the hook (and it does easily in the abuse of fishing heavy cover) You're no longer weedless. A high maintenance weed guard if fishing heavy cover.

    I don't see the mono loop sticking straight down from the hook eye having any place in fishing heavy cover for bass. Theres just too many plant stems that will catch on the hook.

    The tie I saw in one of the links above where the hook is buried in the fly fibers looked pretty neat. kinda like a senko or other soft plastic where you hide the hook point in the plastic. But I would imagine that pattern would require constant maintenance.

    I like a weed guard that I don't ever need to check or even think about. Just throw it deep into cover over and over. And even after a fish, my wire guards rarely need minor adjustment. The down side to my wire guards is I wouldn't trust them on smaller hooks. You will lose the required flex in the wire as it gets too short. Most all my bass bugs are tied on TMC 8089 #2 bass hooks. When you get the hang of tying these, your weed guard will sit less than 1/8" in front of the hook point and NOTHING will stop that fly from coming out of the heaviest cover. you have to try it to believe it!

    I am not Boo-hooing all these weed guards because as I said, they do have their place in lots of applications. And I have used every single one of them extensively. Ive been experimenting with bass flies for many years and have settled on the wire weedguard. When tied right, the flies are 100% weedless and 100% maintenance free. When Im fishing, I want to be casting over and over without fussing with the fly. What makes this design spectacularly weedless is when you tie subsurface flies with a cone head. The shape of the cone parts the weeds and it comes thru the thickest weeds you can imagine.
    The trouble with lilies is your leader will slice into the caps and your fly can jam up in the plant at the front of the fly. But a strong yank will usually free the fly. A good reason to use a minimum of 15# mono for tippet.

    Of course, no weed guard protects against tippet wrapping a limb

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    Default Re: Snag Free Flies?

    Quote Originally Posted by Flygrain View Post

    The Mono loop guard it great and I use it on my smaller hooks. It does not stand up well to the rigors and abuse of fishing heavy cover and catching fish. ive found the mono loop can get funky with abuse and no longer protect the hook point.
    That's one of the reasons why I use a double mono weed guard.
    When one loop gets totaled, you cut it off and you still have a second.

    Most important to fishing in the lilies is to keep from drifting after you've made you cast. That's when your line gets wrapped the stems and you have the most problems

    One of my favorite bass flies is the bend back Dahlberg diver
    Good fly in the thick salad

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Snag Free Flies?

    I was listening to an AskAboutFlyFishing podcast. The host asked the bass fly fisher what he used as a weed guard. He said he uses the same weed guard that the bass spin fishers use from Bass Pro Shops.

    He said the are cheap and come in various sizes and that you can put them on the fly when you need them.

    The photos below pretty much show how they work. You should shorten then so just the point of the hook is covered and not buried into the hook guard. Bury it too deeply and you'll have trouble setting the hook.

    The advantage of this weed guard is that you can put it on when you need it because it is not permanent and tied into the fly.



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