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    Default Re: Tying versus Buying

    Quote Originally Posted by jangles View Post
    I make my own fly rods now but the thrill is no better than when catching on a store bought rod . I do get satisfaction from looking at them tho and I love building them . I know , I'm the exception and not the rule . Tight lines .
    I feel the same way about fly tying. I do not build my own fly rods, but I'm sure those that do save some coin, unlike those of us that tie their own flies.

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    Default Re: Tying versus Buying

    I told my wife to open a fly tying material shop after I die.



    "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought"..........Szent-Gyorgy

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    Default Re: Tying versus Buying

    I was very low bux when I started out. Losing a fly was a catastrophe! I recall buying several of those "get 6 flies and a wallet when you subscribe" deals early on. They were the only flies I owned. As I fished more, I hung fewer flies in the trees and snagged fewer flies in the stream bed. I remember surprising myself by losing flies a new way: Casting too far and hooking them to the opposite bank. A little trade off- "Rats! I lost another fly!" balanced against " Wow, nice cast." Like many here, I can admit that my angling and the whole experience improved when I didn't have to sweat the $.50 price of a fly.
    My first self-tied fly was a hank of copper-red dolls hair (Ariel) tied to an #6 bait holder hook with black sewing thread. Goofy as it was, it was still a better angler than I was: It caught a trout while I wasn't paying any attention to it. I attributed it to someone up the chain of command letting me know I wasn't as smart as I thought I was.

    "Every [child] has the right to a first fish. On this particular planet, no man is granted a greater privilege than to be present and to assist in the realization of this moment". Bill Heavey

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    I tie because I enjoy it. This past September on the north form of the Shoshone, the trout were hitting Tim Ward's version of the Prince flies. Lost the few K had left. That night at the camp ground I tied more. Did not have the materials for a n exact copy so I made substitutions. The modified flies worked!

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