Hi Everyone,

A while back one of our members asked about a business card or some type of information they could carry in their wallet or vest. I finally got something made up that I can Email to anyone who wants one. It will be a letter size page with ten hand-outs you can print. You will then have to cut them out but not a big deal. If you have any card stock that would be the best to print on.

They have Fish&Fly, North American Fly Fishing Forum with the Forum WEB address. They don't look bad at all. Send me your Email in a PM if you want me to Email you a copy.

Sorry to who ever asked about this. I don't remember who it was but I thought it was a good idea. I am also going to print up a sheet with some information about NAFFF in case anyone wants to ask their local fly shop to put it up. It is important for us to continue growing our membership.