Hi Everyone,

We already have a thread about the new features on the Personal Classifieds but almost no one is updating there ads after the items are sold. So I want to make sure this information is read.

Come on guys and gals this is important. This is a free way to sell your items but you can't take the time to update your ads! We added the Prefix to the forum so the status of your ad could be determined with out opening the ad. Some of our best members are not updating their ads so I am going to assume it has been forgotten by most of you.

So here is the procedure again. When you sell the items in your thread, you have to edit your post in the advance editor and change the Prefix to "SOLD." Then people won't be opening your ad after everything is sold.

Remember, placing your ad is FREE and you can't expect NAFFF to monitor your post and update them for you. If for some reason the procedure doesn't work for a regular member then I need to know that. I will see if there is an easier way to make the change but it is pretty simple now.


Please follow these guidelines when you post any items for sale.

1. No one can post to the Personal Classifieds until they have a minimum of Twenty (20) post.

2. No more than five (5) items can be posted at one time.

3. It is the responsibility of the thread originator to keep their list updated. All sold items must be deleted or marked as SOLD.

4. If an item is sold and removed from the thread you may add a new item to meet your five item limit. Multiple threads with five items will not be allowed with out approval of the Forum Manager.

5. The parties associated with a sale are solely responsible for that sale. NAFFF has no responsibility as to the condition or delivery of any items listed and sold on NAFFF.

6. This is a free service provide for the sole purpose of helping our members sell unwanted items.

7. No business or business related threads will be allowed.

8. After your thread items are sold or you decide to not sell the item, you can update the Prefix of the thread. This will place a Sold or Withdrawn Prefix to the Title of the thread. That is, you can change your title from Stuff for Sale to [Sold] Stuff for Sale. Or, Stuff for Sale to [Withdrawn] Stuff for Sale. Now when someone looks at the list of Threads they can tell what threads are still active. This will only work if all members will keep their individual threads up to date.

Procedure for changing the Prefix of your For Sale Thread.

1. Click on your thread to open it.

2. Click on "Edit" at the bottom right of the thread window. This will open the Thread Editor.

3. Click on "Go Advanced" at the bottom right of the Edit window.

4. Scan down to the Edit Post window and select "Sold" or "Withdrawn" in the "No Prefix" entry part of the Title.

5. Click "Save Changes" and your thread will now appear in the thread list with Sold or Withdrawn in the title.