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    Default Re: New US Forum Alignment

    Frank, I think that your new geographic breakdown makes sense. And for what it's worth, as a newby to the site I did initially think "wow" when I scrolled down the home page of forums but since have not thought that it was hard to find the right forum to ask a question on. Also, there are enough senior members on any given forum that I've gone to at least, that will direct you to the right place.

    And finally, when I'm real bored, it is kind of fun to just explore the plethora threads in so many different forums.

    This is a great fishing site. Don't change to much.


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    Default Re: New US Forum Alignment

    I do what you do Dean,

    If late at night and nothing to do I scroll down through the forums and check out the threads and posts.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: New US Forum Alignment

    Frank, I like the idea of the regional forums, Great Lakes, etc...I think Cattech suggested breaking the Eastern zone down a bit; might I suggest including all the states that border the Great Lakes into the Great Lakes forum?

    Jackster mentioned the E-Bay forum, I wouldn't get any heartburn over seeing it go away...

    My $0.02 worth...


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    Default Re: New US Forum Alignment

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    Yes, I agree it would be nice if all the states around the Great Lakes were in the same region. The Problem is they are now split between other groups that exist and I can't move them out of that grouping with out losing all of that states threads.

    For instance. Mn is presently in the Upper Mid-West forum. If I move MN to the Great Lakes forum and the other states in the Mid-West Forum to the Central Region, then there will be no threads in the Great Lakes Forum associated with MN. We have to move all the threads in a forum as a group so MN threads would move with the Mid-West Forum, not with MN.

    Moving the names of the states around into different forums is easy. The hard part is moving the threads from one forum to another forum. We can't do that on a single state basis. The threads that reside in a particular forum must remain with that forum. We can combine forums but all threads in those forums will be included in the new forum.

    I hope this makes more sense than it does when I write it.


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    Thank you for the feedback before... I asked about the float tubing only because I had not seen it and was wondering if I had missed it.. it surprises me there is not more interest in that subject but do understand that its hard to justify a forum if there is little or no interest.. for now anyway.. :-)..

    Im liking what you are trying to do but have to say I was amazed and impressed with the number and variety of forums dealing with fly fishing available to the members.. I think it is one of the major things that sets this site apart from most others... but a state realignment could be very beneficial not only to the members but to the mods and admins that run this site..

    Keep up the outstanding work.. its always a pleasure to come on this site and relax and read the posts...


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    Default Re: New US Forum Alignment

    Hi McFly,

    I went into the Tackle Talk forums and added float tubes and pontoons under the Other heading. At least now when someone is looking for a place to post about tubes or toons there will be a heading for them. Its not a forum but better than nothing at all.


    Other Gear
    All other fly fishing gear including tools, gadgets, clothing, float tubes, pontoons and other boats.

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