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    Default Re: So How Are We Doing Here Really?

    I attend several forums but this one is definitely the most active, the moderators are excellent and people are generally very cordial and helpful. Thanks everyone!

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    Default Re: So How Are We Doing Here Really?

    Ard, you and your fellow moderators and editors should pat yourselves on the back. Or stand in a circle, and everybody pats on the back the guy or gal to his right.

    I peruse other fly fishing related forums, and frequently get references to them when I do a Google search about some rod or reel or other item. I even check in with some regularity on a fiberglass fly rod and ultralight fly rod enthusiast's site, but I have not bothered to join them. When the latest post on some forums that are on the first page of the thread list are over a year old, you'll come back to this place, because the energy here is constant. I question if there are more than a half-dozen active threads on some of those sites. If I check in monthly, there will be enough activity of interest to occupy me for an hour or so, but that's it.

    So pat away, my friends. Just don't injure the rotator cuff on your casting shoulder.

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    Default Re: So How Are We Doing Here Really?

    This forum is the best one I have found on the web. You can ask questions and get the kindest and most helpful responses from fellow members. The moderators deserve a good bit of praise for setting up the forum. The members deserve praise for being generous and informative and sometimes humorous.


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