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    Default Two new site sponsors joining the forums.

    We are very pleased to welcome both Spey Brothers and Banana Rods as new clients of ours today. We hope you will find their products of interest. Here is a little bit more information about both companies for now and what they do. You will start to see their advertising banners showing from today and we hope to tempt them into providing more information about themselves and some offers in the near future.

    Spey Brothers - home of Scandinavian fly fishing apparel and books

    Spey brothers 600x155.jpg

    Spey Brothers Oy (ltd) is a fly-fishing company based in Finland, dedicated to produce and publish high quality content and lifestyle products globally for the avid angler. We share your love for the sport. Our goal is to partner up with the most talented and experienced people in the industry. We take pride in choosing the right partners and bringing high quality products and content to the market.

    We believe in making the world a better place. Our mission is to find manufacturers and ways to work with an ecological perspective when ever this is possible. For example we offer digital downloads beside print copies and we use recycled materials in our apparrel. We pledge to take part in conservation projects which have an significant impact on endangered fisheries. We also believe that the brighter future comes with the new generations of fly-fishers. We want to bring young people to the sport.

    Banana Rods - Manufacture of Fishing Rods in France


    A FISHING EXPERIENCE You will not forget

    Tell us about yourself, your desires and fishing habits. This will help us guide you towards the ideal model of rod for you, after which we will invite you to test your future Banana Rod in actual fishing conditions. Each type of fishing needs a specific, unique rod. Once you have chosen your model, you will be involved in its crafting you will choose its look, colour and finish depending on your tastes.

    A WORK OF ART Hand-built in France

    Our experienced technicians produce each rod in accordance with strict manufacturing protocols, unique in the world of fishing rods. A veritable work of art, created to fit your image. Because every angler is unique...

    To our recognised traditional expertise, we add cutting-edge technologies and exclusive composite materials from our partner research laboratories. The combination of these complex techniques requires a rigorous methodology and extreme precision, worthy of the clock-making industry.
    Kirsty Hewitt
    Fish & Fly Ltd

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    Default Re: Two new site sponsors joining the forums.

    It's always good to have new Sponsors - keeps the site alive.

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