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Poll: Of the flies that you fish with, do you tie them or buy them?

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    I have collected most major species of mayflies and caddis near yellowstone and hang them by my vise when tying. They are in little vials with bug balm in them lol. They survived the move from west yellowstone to Coco Florida. The ones I still have left after 20 years. Saltwater flies are my new thing but man the price of Gamakatsu and Owner AKI!! The silver Gamakatsu hooks I hit up with an indelible black marker not sure if it helps but it makes me feel better. Comes from being a camo elk hunter lol .
    I tie my own and NEVER skimp on hooks....those owner Aki are worth every penny!!!! especially for tarpon.

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    I never bought a fly; I’ve always tied my own because I enjoy it and the rewarding feeling of catching fish on my own flies. We all have our reasons for buying or tying, and it’s great that everyone is out there enjoying our passion.

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