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View Poll Results: Of the flies that you fish with, do you tie them or buy them?

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  • I don't tie

    71 19.35%
  • I'll tie a few here and there

    64 17.44%
  • I buy them occasionally

    108 29.43%
  • What? Spend money on flies?

    124 33.79%
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    Default Re: Do you buy or tie?

    I buy the majority of my flies but I've been trying to tie more. I'm at the early stages of tying so my materials are limited but I am slowly gaining on having most of what I need to tie a variety of flies. It really paid off this past spring though when I was shad fishing. There are no places near me that really have shad flies so I tied everything myself.

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    Default Re: Do you buy or tie?

    I only tie. I started tying flies around Chrismas of last year and I really have the bug...


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    Quote Originally Posted by michaeln View Post
    My problem is cost of materials. I want a particular fly, say in three sizes. It might cost me $30-50 in materials if I don't have any of them. Sure, I can tie maybe 60-75 flies from those materials, but all I think I need is 2 or 3 #12s, #14s or $16s.

    At a couple bucks each, I can buy them already tied for six bucks, and they're tied better than I could tie them until I had tied several dozen.

    Most of the time, tying doesn't make sense for me.
    My problem is the exact opposite of this. I had a full room full of tying material, yet I could buy a fly at $.40 - $.53. After moving from my last apt, in my spare room, I had about 100 hooks in the carpet and 100 flies. I probably have close to $1000 worth of materials (retail), but dont have the place or time to tie, plus the mess of it all. You can buy flies for 42 cents - 53 cents. Why mess with the hassle? I now have $1000 worth of materials, how much do you think I will get for it?

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    Default Re: Do you buy or tie?

    I tie what I can and when I have time for it and buy things I haven't yet learned to tie. I'll also buy when I'm fishing areas that I travel to to support local shops as well as get patterns that are successful to the locale. I will keep at least one for reference and if it's been a good pattern, I'll spin some up.
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    Default Re: Do you buy or tie?

    This is a response to Diver Dan. All the fly shops (3) in my area closed a few years ago when the economy tanked. 18 months ago a 25 year old kid opened a new one near me. I attend as many of his events as possible, I never walk out of his store without buying something, and I try to make it in there once or twice a week at least. In return, he has begun to treat me like a king when I walk in. It's a great reciprocal relationship and I really hope he makes it. I am doing everything I can to help. If I had lottery money I would flat out give him some.

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    Default Re: Do you buy or tie?

    I have always bought flies from various shops. Normally I would buy a couple that I haven't tried or seen before. Some of them have good results for me and I will buy them again. Once I learn to tie my own flies, most likely nymphs at first. After that I will only buy wet flies and dry flies until I learn those patterns...

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    Well I had a few years hiatus from fly fishing and fly tying. However when I tied in the past I only tied a few basic patterns.

    Last year when I got back into fly fishing I used flies I had left from tying and flies I purchased.

    I will start my fly fishing clubs fly tying classes in a couple weeks and it is my intention as soon I develop the skill to do so to tie every fly I will fish, with the exception that when I fish in a new place and discover a new pattern particular to that area I will puchase a few if I find it effect I will save couple to take one apart to see what its made of and the other to have as an example to copy and then add it and try it in my home waters or have it for when I go back to the area I found it.
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    Default Re: Do you buy or tie?

    I just started tying two years ago so my recipe box is still kinda small (13). However, I fish 7-8 of them quite a bit, so I'd guess right now I buy approx. 60% and tie the other 40%. Another factor is durability vs. cost. For instance, I fish a ton of stimulators throughout the year, and no matter how well I tie them, they only last about 3 fish. On top of that, the most effective color is yellow, which is very common commercially. So, at maybe 55 to 60 cents a piece, it just makes sense to buy a year's worth instead of making myself batty tying 400 or 500 hundred of them.

    Generally, I tie flies that are either a mix of two or three recipes I know, or flies that I've seen pics of and think I can tie.

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    Default Re: Do you buy or tie?

    I generally dont tie the little bugs and generally just buy them. Whereas I enjoy tying streamers and focus on that this time of year.

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    Default Re: Do you buy or tie?

    I wanted to get started but looks like the money is going elsewhere. Right now I buy, but I haven't seen size 28 and only up to size 26 on certain flies. I want small midge type flies, so eventually I'll do my own.

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