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View Poll Results: Of the flies that you fish with, do you tie them or buy them?

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  • I don't tie

    71 19.35%
  • I'll tie a few here and there

    64 17.44%
  • I buy them occasionally

    108 29.43%
  • What? Spend money on flies?

    124 33.79%
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    Default Re: Do you buy or tie?

    I buy them but I would like to learn to tie eventually.

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    After an ill-fated fishing trip, in which the store bought nymphs and streamers were found to be made with zero lead wire in them, which meant that the money on them was wasted because they would not get to fishing depth
    I will tie 90% of everything I fish with.


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    I only tie 8-10 different flies, they tend to be the flies I use the most. Otherwise I buy another handful types of flies. Overtime I will tie better and hopefully get to 100% of tying my own flies.

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    Default Re: Do you buy or tie?

    I enjoy trying to tie stuff that looks roughly like what the natives may see, and hope they ride right in the film. Have to admit I gotta have the time, patience and enough magnification to crank out anything under about an 18. If you have sensitive ears, you may prefer to leave the room.

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    Default Re: Do you buy or tie?

    Realistically, I tie well over 99% of my flies. The less than 1% are ones that were given to me.

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    Of all the flies I have they were either tied by me, or received from swaps, or given to me by some guys I fish with ("hey, you might want a couple of these" or "you might want to try this one"). The only flies I have bought out of necessity were some nymph patterns sold at wal mart. I have purchased a few along the way just for shucks.

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    85% of everything I fish with, I tie myself.

    I got nothing against store bought flies, except that the wets are never weighted.

    One of the things I buy currently, are dries serving as Indicators.

    I tie anything and everything that is Wet.
    Welcome to the world of Fly Crying

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    Default Re: Do you buy or tie?

    ever since I started tying my own.. 99.7% of all my flies in my boxes are tied by myself.. I'll pick up a couple here and there at the local-ish shops to help support their business if anything

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    I used to buy flies, then I got a tying starter kit and was instantly hooked. The day I bought the kit was the last day I purchased a fly. I'd rather catch one fish on a fly of my own design than 2 fish on one I purchased from a store. Once you start, you cant go back.

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    Default Re: Do you buy or tie?

    I put down tie occasionally even though I barely do because I dont have my own equipment. Probably have tied less than 15 flies in my 5 years of fly fishing. I'm going to start tying my own here soon, so I'm positive you guys will see more of me regarding that.

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    I figure if I tie my own streamers and some nymphs I'll save some money. Plus Ill still get to go into the shops.

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