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Poll: On average how many flies do you lose while fishing your favorite trout stream/river?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregorykicks
    yeah i'm pretty sure we have some of that in my house. That probably will work well. Let me know when you're coming to fayetville, that's about an hour from where I live, and if we travel about 30min further to lynchburg (where they make jack daniels of course) there's a pretty good fishing spot on the Elk river just off of Tims Ford dam. I've only fished their once and my friend and we were skunked (along with everyone else) but there is usually good fishing there from what i've heard. I'd be glad to go fishing, as long as i'm not working
    hoping some time next month. all depends on my wifes work and school schedule. be nice to visit lynchburg again been about 14yrs seen i did that run out of north carolina. will have to let you know for sure.

    as far as the fingernail hardner didn't know about cutting the brush on a angle. will have to give that a try.

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    I generally dont fish rivers and streams much, but when I do I am going to lose a few, usually 3-4.

    I fish primarily ponds, lakes and reservoirs. I used to lose allot when I was first getting the hang of it. Now The only flies I lose are the ones I cut off and throw into the water after the fish have torn them all to hell.

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    I lost 1 on my first outing.

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    well i've used the "hard as nails" i even tried it to repair a wolley that was loosing his hackle.. i just re-wound it and tacked it down with the polish. they look good. I've been so busy lately.. i haven't gone fishing in almost 4 weeks. All the trout are going to be dead in my creek.. they stock em in the spring, but I bet the water temp is way too hot now.

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    Between losing flies, tearing them up and supplying friends I tie 12 flies a day when fishing hard. Sometimes more.

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    It seems all of my answers are "it depends" and again in this case it does.

    I voted more than 10 because if I am not getting hung up some I am not getting my fly in the zone I am looking for. Especially this time of year. Most of the time when floating rivers and nymphing I fish tandem rigs and commonly loose both flies. I usually have a large stonefly nymph and a smaller dropper. The stonefly is very heavy to get the setup to the bottom quickly. It tends to snag alot. On a normal day of that I will loose a dozen or even two. It is just part of it and I go out well stocked.

    Pounding the banks with streamers I loose a few also. I throw as close to, or in the cover, which is overhanging trees and/or submerged logs. The water is usually fairly swift and it is too much work to row back up to it most of the time.

    When I am casting drys or fishing stillwater, I rarely loose a fly.

    Last week while nymphing for steelhead I lost every fly I had in my favorite pattern. I took 3 dozen with me thinking that would be plenty for 2 days, but the runs were very snaggy. ALOT of old line. I did loose one to a very large fish about 15 minutes into the fight. Heartbreaker. I HATE breaking fish off after I have worked so hard to hook them. It was a big smart fish and the tippet was very, very worn.

    Gregorykicks, it sounds like the flies you are purchasing are not tied very well. It does not sound like a head problem as they are coming undone in the rear. I would try a different source and see what happens. Alot of times I will continue to fish a ragged fly and still catch plenty of fish. Looks a little more buggy. Good luck and keep at it.
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    i got some flies from both anglers dream and big y fly and they both seem to have flies that hold up really well. i have caught 20 or so fish on my hares ear and it looks fine! i ahve also used a hi vis foam beetle and still looks brand new after 15 or so fish. i have never lost one fly yet and i have fished all summer. almost lost one but i swam to the log and got it back .
    the flies are very cheap also 45 to 60 cents. plus they seem to charge only 2.50 shipping unless u get more than 30 bux of flies then its free.both places are pretty good in my opinion. now don't get me wrong i have never caught a trout yet so i don't know how they will hold up but i am sure they will. i have caught some nice cats on um also. only my cousins zug bug took a beating by a 4 or 5 pound cat. didn't even look like a fly after he got done with it. i have never had a fly come apart on me from just fishing it tho
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    I don't lose very many dries, but if I'm subsurface fishing, particularly with streamers, I'll average losing 3 per outing. I subscribe to the old adage that if you don't lose a few flies (subsurface) while fishing, you're not getting deep enough.

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    The most I've lost in one outing is 2. But on the average, I lose 1 per trip or 2.
    But the flies i use often dont hook the snag, instead they wrap around it once and a simple tug will undo it. The hackle prevents it from hooking the snag, as its a gentle cast.

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    If I'm not losing flie's I'm not fishing in the right places...
    I just break off alot so as not to disturb fish...of course owning a shop helps in replacements...
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