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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    This is the best.

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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    this one and the uk fly forum, enjoy both

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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    I post in about six or so but just found this one and thus far it's a great place where I spend a good bit of my forum time. I also dislike bikering but do enjoy a discussion on politics or fly fishing. Trouble is forums seem to have a way of becoming too political once they start a political board and then the posts in the primary forums decrease away to nothing! Best keep the two seperated in most cases and keep fly fishing, just that, flinging a fly! Only trouble I've seen with this one so far is it's the slowest loading forum, by far, that I've encountered and not sure why! I also post on a half dozen hunting forums and in all cases either go by Chuck S or Der Alt Jaeger.  8088
    Great Fishing
    Der Alt Jaeger
    Chuck S

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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    This one, which I thoroughly enjoy, and the SpeyClave forum, also fun. Used to go to Clark's Bamboo forum, but they got WAY too sensitive about sensitivity, so left. Tried to join the SalmonFishingForum, but I was turned down. Must be they don't like former fly fishing museum directors or guys that only fish for salmon in Canada or who knows what. So I just go peek at their prawns and go on down the road.

    this is a delightful forum to spend time with.

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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    I am a member in about 6 or 7 forums. I mostly just frequent the fly tying segments of those forums. I visit 3-4 the most, and check them just about everyday.
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    This is the only one for me! I occasionally scroll through others when a google query pulls them up, but I have never logged onto any others; I look but don't touch.

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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    Two. This one and the Arizona Fly Fishing Forum. I signed up on both in January of this year, but between the two forums, I veiw and post on this one more than 95% of the time.
    There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them.
    -Jim Croce-

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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    I am guest here and you guys are good and kind hosts
    Beside this I am moderator on home forum,one and only

    And also love your twin forum in UK

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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    Over the last 4 or 5 years I wouldn't know how many Fishing Forums/Sites I have visited,possibly hundreds or even a thousand,could even be more??? as some are linked & direct you to others sites or more Fishing Forums where I just have to visit for a look.
    I have registered on some,also I'm involved in another,however I like visiting here as we have a Worldwide coverage of wonderful,friendly & helpful people,their input,The Videos on Fishing,The Fly Tying & Rod Building Instructions are great,well done which I find a lot easier & quicker than getting the books out.
    Also like Madjoni I am also Registered with The Sister Forum in The UK
    Well Done All & Thanks.

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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    Hi Jim,

    I need to update this info by adding that I do use another forum and have developed some good relations via e-mail with quite a few members there. It seems that some appreciate my 'what works' approach to fishing as opposed to running with the herd.


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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