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    Default How many fish fourums do you visit?

    I.d have to say this is the best site I frequent. Friendly and informative!
    The question is how many troll other sites too. How many sites?
    The bar isn't set by the fish we catch, but by the one's we don't.


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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    I used to belong to another site, that covered all fishing in western colorado, but it became too political.......and had a beef with fly glad I found this site....for friendship and learning.....I have seen some really great flies here, almost ashamed to post any due to my novice ability...but I will
    if I'm not here...I'm on another line...with a fly on the end..

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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    Just this one and glad to be here. Good people with a wealth of knowledge here.

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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    this one is my favorite, but I belong to a few

    one of the other large 'national' boards
    a local fly forum
    my club has a forum
    two saltwater fly boards
    the fiberglass forum
    a saltwater kayak fishing forum
    and a few others that I rarely visit anymore

    There's a couple of hiking boards also where there's some interest in fly fishing
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.” --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    Same here, this is my favorite site, mainly because the people are so friendly and willing to share information. Some of the other sites have too much bickering for me.


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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    just FF sites around 10-12. All forums 25
    sandfly/ bob
    N.J.B.B.A. #2215

    I did not escape.....they gave me a day pass!
    from the outer edge of nowhere
    fly tying and fishing Gillie..

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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    4 minimally.

    The Drake
    Bandito Fly fishing
    Sniff around the Blue Ridge Fly Fishing Forum, but not often.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    This one and a spey rod forum. The spey forum has a bunch of political kooks that have annoyed me to the point where I just look at the flies posted and leave. Mostly just one guys flies. They are amazing. This is the best site. There is a site linked to this one for spey rods I may visit.

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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    I guess three other fly-fishing themed boards, aside from this one:

    The Drake

    Sometimes I'm on the Fly Fisherman board, but I've sort of fallen off that wagon.
    "I hope that someday we will be able to put away our fears and prejudices and just laugh at people." Jack Handy

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    Default Re: How many fish fourums do you visit?

    Other fly fishing fora:

    Itinerant Angler
    Free State Fly Fishers (a great club about an hour down the road)
    and this one, of course

    sometimes look in on the fly fishing section of the Carp Angler's Group, and the East Cape Canoes forum

    Non-fishing sites:

    Northern Brewer (home beer brewing) forum
    Hi-Point Pistols forum (relatively new Hi-Point .40 cal owner)


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