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View Poll Results: Do you use Waders or rough it?

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    Default Re: Waders vs. Shorts

    Quote Originally Posted by milt spawn View Post
    At my age, Depends are necessary. milt.
    Milt, DITTO! And, here is the other reason I don't do the shorts thing:

    I've had too many parts falling off or defecting in the last few years. The waders make it easy to find them at the end of the day...

    I fish, therefore I am - but I gotta go to work first..."piscari ergo sum"

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    Default Re: Waders vs. Shorts

    I'll wear waders when it's just too impossibly cold not to wear them.

    Any other time, I'll wet wade.

    This last year, I went through the October 15 end-season date wet wading. I wore waders last Saturday:

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    Summer= Shorts
    Winter= Waders

    Bush wacking in the summer= quick dry pants to keep my legs from getting all scratched up

    While in my float tube I almost always wear waders no matter the season

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    Default Re: Waders vs. Shorts

    Here on the upper Rogue River the water flows AND temperature are controlled by the Wm Jess Dam. Regardless of the time of the year the out flows will be in the mid-40's to low 50's to protect the fish. As unusual as it may sound the highest flows will be in late summer. It gets damned hot around here in August-September.

    There, even 50 degree water I'll use 'flats pants and shirt' as they dry quickly. weather starts to cool down then on go the waders. When its 95 in the shade there's nothing finer than flopping down in the river for a quick cooling off.
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: Waders vs. Shorts

    Quote Originally Posted by damod View Post
    When I was growing up I was always told not to use waders because they present a potential drowning hazard and to just tough it out..

    I personally fish in shorts and flip flops even in the cold streams.

    Anyone else rough it around here?
    If I only went fishing in "nice weather" like you then I might "rough" it too. Its not an option for those of use who live further north than you and fish late fall/early winter and late winter/early spring. Air temps in the upper 20's and water temps in the 30's. I'd like to see you out fishing in shorts and flip flops walking thru the snow. You don't even have to wade.

    I guess I'm a softie, I wear waders, I like living too much not to.

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    Default Re: Waders vs. Shorts

    Completely depends on conditions.

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    Default Re: Waders vs. Shorts

    I love to wet wade and do so most summer days. During the rest of the year I rock either my Simms Guidewaders or my Patagonia Rio Gallegos.

    “Fishing for me, as funny as it sounds, is sorta my brand of praying almost. I’m never closer to my spirituality than when I’m in the act of fishing.” - JT Van Zandt

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    Default Re: Waders vs. Shorts

    Quote Originally Posted by dean_mt View Post
    When water is high and/or cold I like to focus on fishing, not freezing my a$$ off. When it's hot and buggy, I wet wade, but never in shorts. If you don't own a pair of fast drying nylon pants, get some. They are so much more comfortable than shorts. When it's really hot out, they stay wet/damp for a while and keep you cooler but are never soaked or heavy. Plus bush-whacking through tall grass, briars, mosquito swamps etc is not very enjoyable in shorts, not for me.
    Couldn't have said it better. Never in shorts.


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    Default Re: Waders vs. Shorts

    Almost always waders. Sierra streams are pretty cool even through the summer. The dog days of summer may catch me wet wading, but in quick dry long pants, only for a little protection against the rocks. About the only time I've gone wet in shorts is summertime float tubing. And that's only so I don't hae to kick to shore in order to relieve myself.
    "My biggest fear is that when I pass, my wife will sell my fly rods and rifles for what I told her I paid for them." author unknown

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    Default Re: Waders vs. Shorts

    Waders here. Waters to cold and too many mosquitos up in this neck of the woods.

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