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View Poll Results: What type of leader do you use?

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  • Tapered

    70 49.30%
  • Knotted

    34 23.94%
  • Furled

    44 30.99%
  • other?

    13 9.15%
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    Default Re: What type of leader do you use?


    Yes, our furled leaders are created with a knotless taper. The taper varies with line weight you are fishing and type of leader. Nymphing leaders for heavy flies are shorter with a heavier butt section, dry fly leaders are longer and have a more gradual taper. I hope that helps.

    Feel free to contact me directly with any additioanl questions.

    We now have a great Hi-Vis Dry Fly leader. For those times when you are thowing tiny flies (20-26) and you cannot see the fly. The last 6" of leader is bright orange. It acts as a strike indicator, but still gently presents the fly.

    check us out on-line....

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    Default Re: What type of leader do you use?

    I came across a video on youtube on making your own "furled" leaders. They're really twisted mono, but I like them a whole lot better than the commercially available tapered leaders. Plus, I enjoy making them!

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    Default Re: What type of leader do you use?

    Even though I made my own knotted leaders for many many years using many systems including my own & The Ritz,they were good,however terrible for night Fishing when there was wind around.
    I now use Commercial Tapered Leaders with my own Tipit added for Stream Fishing as I can usually see any unwanted knots,I also use Furled Leaders as well as a length Normal Mono,about 6-8 Ft with a Dropper for Night Fishing attached to a Loop on The Flyline with a 18" - 2ft Braid Section which I find works quite well especially around weedbeds as I don't get the Windknots as I did with Tapered Leaders which caused the loss of many Big Fish,probably because I didn't check as much as I should have..

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    Furled leaders are da bomb. I can make them myself for pennies on the dollar of what I would normally pay for a leader, and they turn over a nymp/indicator rig, dries, and a hopper/dropper setup WAY better than any conventional leader.

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    Default Re: What type of leader do you use?

    trout sniper.
    I agree,the Furled Leaders will turnover Flies from #20 to Big Streamers,with Droppers etc, etc,however they are a bit different to use at first.
    A friend also uses them which he brings in from The USA for all his Fishing as he swears by them.

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    I agree 100%. They are different, and as with all things, take some getting used to before they can be used most effectively. I still use conventional tapered leaders in some situations, though.

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    Default Re: What type of leader do you use?

    I've always used tapers leaders.

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    Default Re: What type of leader do you use?

    I started using Cutthroat leaders this Summer in Montana and am sticking with them. I use there Ultimate Dry Fly, Dry Fly & Nymph on my 4 & 5 WTs - they were perfect. The 50" is a great fit on my 2 and 3 WTs.
    Just ordered a number of leaders for gifts for some of my buddies

    These leaders are high quality, durable and cast beautifully.

    The owner, Mike is extremely personable - even pointed me towards some nice trout water in his old stomping grounds near Glacier MT.

    I am pondering giving them a go in the CA surf for corvina and possibly other species.

    Also, check out the NZ strike indicator system they have - love mine for selective trout.
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    No commercial leaders here. I do use furled leaders but mine are all hand me.
    So I am able to pay more attention to detail., I think.
    I like mine tighter than the commercial I tried, but that is just my preference and one I can fix.
    I have been using thee same leader all summer catching 100's of Carp and one wind knot is all.

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    Default Re: What type of leader do you use?

    I use Joni's to.

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