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View Poll Results: What release tool do you use?

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  • Forceps (Hemostats)

    157 67.97%
  • Pliers

    9 3.90%
  • Ketchum Release tool

    12 5.19%
  • Hands and fingers

    42 18.18%
  • LDR (Long Distance Release)

    1 0.43%
  • Gaff

    0 0%
  • Boga Grip

    5 2.16%
  • Other

    5 2.16%
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    Default Re: What release tool do you use?

    I just use my hands, but I use hemostats if needed.

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    Default Re: What release tool do you use?

    Hemostats and wet hands.

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    Default Re: What release tool do you use?

    I have used every method listed in the poll at one time or another, with a decided preponderance towards LDRs. I should have a degree in the 40 foot release.

    When they do end up coming to my hand or net, I typically reach for my hemostats. However, I picked up one of the ketchum tools this year and have been testing it out. I will say it takes some practice to use the thing. The first few times were such a dismal failure that I ended up grabbing the hemostats after a couple failed release attempts.

    I found it helps tremendously if you keep the fish submerged, with only his nose sticking out of the water. The line must be kept somewhat taut during the procedure. Slide the tool down over the fly until it hits the bend in the hook, then give a quick push in line with your tippet. This nearly always releases the fish.

    Of course, I only use barbless hooks, so I have no idea how it works if the hooks are barbed. Now that I've had some practice, I like the tool, especially if the fish is hooked more deeply than say the tongue area. Once you get used to the thing it's a great little 'no hands' release tool, IMO.

    However, if I had to choose one release tool it would definitely be my hemostats. Overall, I htink they are more versatile and user-friendly.
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  5. Default Re: What release tool do you use?

    Forceps all the way for me

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    Default Re: What release tool do you use?

    Hook removal tool eases releases - - June 12, 2011 It beats the ketchum Release all hollow and I have a similar but bigger tool I use in the salt and for bigger flies. I believe that the Inland Empire Fly Fishing club has the rights to this great device and they are an old and superb fly fishing group with many major conservation projects to their credit over the years. Last I heard Silver Bow Fly Shop in Spokane still sells them.

    I also use a net at times, the Boga Grip and similar tools and barbless hooks in general but not for ease of dehooking fish necessarily. Have you ever tried to get a barbed hook out of your skull?

    I still have my Ketchum Releaser but it's relegated to my things I bought but don't use box these days as are several other similar tools. Being a strong proponent of Selective Release I even have a Priest, jaw spreaders (Pike) and other misc tools to aid in releasing my catch to fight another day or to contribute to the larder of my family. In short I've likely tried them all as even my Handy Dandy Note~~er, sorry got caught up in a Blue's Clues moment, I meant my handy dandy yellow Ka-Bar fish knife has two blades, one of which is a toothpick style cutting blade and the other is a scaler, dehooker forked tip blade similar to my Victorinox Fishing Knife and a couple sets of my German made Overland Fisherman's Friend, ie the forerunner to the multi pliers of today.  8088
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    Default Re: What release tool do you use?

    Mostly I would say a barbless hook. With these hook removal is mostly effortless. If needed for a deep hooking a nice pair of hemostats comes in handy.

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    Default Re: What release tool do you use?

    Curved hemostats.

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    Default Re: What release tool do you use?

    WET Hands!!!! ..or wet glove... if at all. Mainly leave em' in the rubber net and let em' swim upstream when ready.

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    Depending on what I am fishing for, I tend to de-barb my hooks and use my fingers.

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    Default Re: What release tool do you use?

    I've used hemostats in one form or another for 20 or so years. The only time I've found I needed more leverage was when fishing BIG tackle for BIG fish in the salt. That said, in recent years I've "upgraded" to hemo's that include integrated scissors. As a release tool, they are about the same but I find them much more convenient to use than nippers. I've since found a source on that big, often hated online auction site that sells nice quality ones for about $3 each . Now I have an even dozen of them salted around all my bags, vehicles and water craft.

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