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dave5977 11-08-2011 12:56 PM

What do you need to fish?
I have not been a very active Fly Fisher, even though I have been doing it since the mid 80ís. I might get out a few times a year. I still donít have a vest! So that puts me in the ďNot muchĒ category. That means I donít wonder to far from the car or camp. It also means I donít get my shoes wet , well sometimes I do.

What things do you have to have to fish?

gatortransplant 11-08-2011 03:19 PM

Re: What do you need to fish?
I may have screwed up my vote, as I selected all of the first three rather than just option 3... I saw the "ands" and was lost... Anyway, I tried the wet wading thing this spring. 50 degree water is pretty cold and I like to fish for long periods while also not suffering from hypothermia. Now in Florida, wet wading is ok! So due to my current location, I'm automatically in group 3. I like my vest, but I think I may go over to a sling bag, since this summer may be replete with some international fishing and I don't want to check my vest.

My most important doo-dads outside the necessary rod, reel, line, and flies are my forceps and the waterproof cuffs on my Orvis Pro Guide jacket, but I like my bargain neoprene bootfoot waders too because they keep my toes toasty!

wannafish 11-08-2011 03:26 PM

Re: What do you need to fish?
I'd be lost without my vest; it has everything I need and if I forget to bring it I may as well go home. I usually travel 45 minutes to my favorite spots so I like to have a trunkload of stuff just in case. :D

milt spawn 11-08-2011 07:18 PM

Re: What do you need to fish?
Just add water. milt.

webrx 11-08-2011 09:27 PM

Re: What do you need to fish?
rod, reel, flies, waders, net, boots and my lanyard for the river

Add a float tube and some fins and subtract the boots for the lake

I usually like to take a thermos of coffee too.


MoscaPescador 11-08-2011 11:33 PM

Re: What do you need to fish?
Like Milt said, "just add water." I'm a minimalist at heart. If I can get away with less, I am happy. Like you, I do not use a vest.

The trip will determine what I will carry. Will one box of 100 flies do? It can for a water I know. I may need another box for a new water. Will I need a net? For most small waters, I won't. For big waters? It could. A lanyard can carry some essentials. A chest pack can do the same. For most the waters that I fish this time of year, I better be wearing waders with good wading boots.

So the moral of the story. Everyone has a comfort zone on what they need. They can be minimalists like me, or they can carry the kitchen sink.


Ard 11-09-2011 12:26 AM

Re: What do you need to fish?
Hi Dave,

Waders (waters really cold here) jacket (air is usually cold too) rod & reel, spool of tippet and my old leader wallet (it's thin and light) one thin Wheatley 40 clip fly box and my knife & bear spray. Toss in some granola bars and my Katadyn water filter/bottle and I'm good for a 16 hour day (it does not get dark here in the middle of the season)

That's as light as I can go unless I fish from a parked boat and walk away from it. In that case I carry only the fly box and leave everything in the boat unless there are bear tracks everywhere then you gotta remember to clip a spray bomb on your belt. I've never had to use one but try to remember to carry it.


Last summer (2012) I did have to spray a bear, the stuff works well.

dave5977 11-09-2011 01:31 AM

Re: What do you need to fish?
Thanks for your'e replies. Your answers are what I was looking for. I like Milt's answer, "Just Add Water." I guess because I'm a minimalist myself.

Sorry about the poll selection. After gatortransplant's reply, it accured to be I can't write a poll properly to save my life.

It's the little things that you answered, like the granola bar and the coffee that I was looking for. I think everybody takes something insignificant that means a great deal to them to fish with.

bigjim5589 11-09-2011 07:36 AM

Re: What do you need to fish?
I own a couple of vests, but don't need them to fish. I use my waders too, but could fish without them, just depends on time of year & location.

I also have a Army surplus canvas bag that will carry anything extra I need, and an old pair of shoes I like for fishing, so I can make due! In my bag I'll carry a box or two of flies, a pair of forceps, a Swiss Army knife, a spool of line for tippet, an extra leader and maybe an extra reel spool with a sinking line, plus a couple of snacks, that's about it!

I usually carry more stuff than I need when I wear a vest, just to be prepared, but could get by with the bare minimum! :)

Rip Tide 11-09-2011 08:28 AM

Re: What do you need to fish?
I have two vests that I use, one for trout and one for salt. Plus I have a shoulder bag that's just for smallmouth fishing and 3 boat bags. One warm water, one salt, and one trout.
Some days I'm dressed up like a Orvis ad (Cabala's really :rolleyes:) and other times it's just a lanyard, a tippet spool, and a fly box.
Like all things fly fishing, "it depends" ;)

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