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    Default Re: Dream Destinations......

    Quote Originally Posted by tennessee dave View Post
    Idaho's Henry's Fork and the rivers around Bozeman, Montana have provide me with lifetime memories. I see no reason to ever go anywhere else. Many of my dreams have come true in those two locations.
    Dave: I agree, there are so many great destinations right here in the U.S. Sure, if I won the Lottery I'd be going to Chile, Argentina, Mongolia, Kamchatka, New Zealand, back to Alaska, etc. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the fantastic fishing right here in the Rockies, down the road I want to travel for Redfish in LA and maybe some Tarpon in FL.

    trout trekker: I found your post about fishing through the Sierra Range 40 years ago to be a very interesting concept. It reminds me of a podcast I was listening to the other day about Greenback trout back in the late 1800's on the Front Range of Colorado. At that time, the Greenback trout was so aboundant they would catch them by the 55 gallon barrel full or just fill up the back of horse drawn wagons and feed them to the mining camps. The size of fish was much larger than the trout you find today. Back then there was no thought about conservation and they almost wiped out that species.

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    Default Re: Dream Destinations......

    Alaska, and hopefully 2014 works out for me. ( Ard.)

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    If there's fish there.. I dream of catching them.. And all of those places are my dream destination

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    I dream of a couple of days in a row across the border in western Wisconsin in the little streams in the Kinnickinnik and Rush watersheds. I've only been fly fishing since last year but the times I've gone have been just magical and I can't wait to go again!

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    Default Re: Dream Destinations......

    Like a lot of you guys have already stated already, there are so many cool destinations that are so close to many of us. But I guess if I had to pick a dream destination I would have to narrow it down to 3 places: Kamchatka, New Zealand, and/or Patagonia.

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    My dream destination is North America or the northern parts of Scandinavia, because there is so much space that you can get a real feeling of freedom. I would prefer to stay just with my tent somewhere in the wilderness at a river with some good trouts or graylings.

    I do not need to catch many fishes, just one or two a day to get my lunch and dinner
    Best regards from Germany,


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    Default Re: Dream Destinations......

    St. Brandon's Atoll off the coast of Madagascar.
    “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

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    Default Re: Dream Destinations......

    Kamchatka, New Zealand, and all over South America.

    One day I will win the lotto...

    “Fishing for me, as funny as it sounds, is sorta my brand of praying almost. I’m never closer to my spirituality than when I’m in the act of fishing.” - JT Van Zandt

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    Default Re: Dream Destinations......


    No real desire to go further than that.

    "We fish for pleasure; I for mine, you for yours." -James Leisenring

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    Default Re: Dream Destinations......

    While I dream of New Zealand, Patagonia, golden dorado, peacocks, and any species of fish in the salt, I'm more than happy to live in the middle of some of the best trout fishing the world has to offer, the Greater Yellowstone area. Within an hour-and-a-half I'm on the Madison, Henry's Fork, Henry's Lake, Hebgen Lake, the Firehole, South Fork of the Snake River, Teton River, and so many others. And, while there are many legendary spring creeks in and around this area, one holds a special place in my heart and fishes as well or better than any of those notable springs, and most days I have it all to myself. It doesn't get any better!

    "No-Tellum" Spring Creek, ID:

    I'm very happy where I'm planted...

    I fish, therefore I am - but I gotta go to work first..."piscari ergo sum"

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