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Poll: Barbed, Barbless or both?

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    Generally crushed barbs, the hooks I prefer tend to be barbed so I crush them, the bump it creates might help with hook hold, I coarse fished for years before getting into fly fishing and it's 100% barbless or de barbed in the UK so I'm used to it.


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    I've fished both for different reasons- and will likely continue to do so. Typically, my decision is not necessarily based on species, but rather hook quality/availability for a given fly I'm tying/fishing.

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    Barbless. An unpinned fish or two is no big deal. It made me better at keeping tension during the fight. It is a blood sport, and I killed one smallmouth who took a small popper into it's gills. One in more than a decade of fishing sits OK with my fishing conscience.

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    It all depends on the species. I'll crush the barbs when I'm fishing for redfish, but I'll leave them when I'm in the keys looking for tarpon/permit. Ha, I need all the help I can get trying to leader one of those beasts.

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    I go barbless for trout, barbed for tougher mouths. On a side note, there are a lot of posts here about folks hooking themselves, so I figured I'd share what I know about the mono hook removal trick. I've seen this performed recently on a friend and he returned to fishing with only a sore thumb. *Warning* this video shows a guy hooking himself intentionally with a treble hook, which is a little hard to watch.

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    Once, on a lazy cast in high wind, I hooked myself right in the corner of the mouth with a size 2/0 Clouser.
    Because of the wide hook gape, it fit perfectly over my lip, never even breaking the skin.
    With a hook that hadn't had the barb crushed, I wouldn't have been so lucky
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    For trout and panfish I fish barbless hooks. For bigger fish, bass, carp, Steelhead and salmon I stick with the barbed hooks.


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