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View Poll Results: How far do you have to drive for "good fishing?"

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  • Feels like nothing (right in my back yard)

    38 30.40%
  • 20-30 minutes

    23 18.40%
  • 30 minutes to an hour

    26 20.80%
  • 1-2 hours

    18 14.40%
  • 2-3 hours

    7 5.60%
  • 3+ hours (basically an all-day event)

    13 10.40%
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  1. Default Re: How Close to Home is "Good" Fishing?

    Blessed to live in Sebago Lake area of Maine.
    On a day off, it's hard to decide where to go because of all the opportunities.
    Stripers, trout (brook, brown, bows), smallies, lmb, panfish, are all within 15 min.

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    Default Re: How Close to Home is "Good" Fishing?

    I have six coastal rivers with good Steelhead, Chinook, Chum and Cutthroat runs i can be fishing in less than an hour. There is also a decent sized lake 20 mins away that is stocked with trout and has a decent bass fishery as well.

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    Default Re: How Close to Home is "Good" Fishing?

    There are two National Wildlife Refuges within 30 minutes plus 1,000s of acres of other public estuary nearby outside the refuges. The beach front itself is 20-25 minutes from home. There is so much public water close to home and so little relative fishing pressure, I hardly ever feel the desire to fish elsewhere. There are a lot of species to be caught on the fly and too many to really list.

    I can walk from my home to a creek that has a variety of freshwater fish, but seldom fish there. My parents live 10 minutes away on a natural oxbow lake with a healthy population of LMB, crappie, bluegills, and catfish among others. I should access it more, but I am mostly drawn to the saltwater environs.

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    Default How Close to Home is "Good" Fishing?

    3 miles of private Roaring Fork river starts 20 yards from my back door. The Colorado is 10ish miles downstream, Fryingpan upstream. Blue lines for years.

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    Default Re: How Close to Home is "Good" Fishing?

    Old thread I've never seen. Good fishing within one hour. Great fishing more like 10hrs. Cat fishermen would disagree as we have 50 pounders. I bet nobody in Iowa has ever landed one on a spey rod.

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    Default Re: How Close to Home is "Good" Fishing?

    Lots of good water with good fish close to Boise.
    Boise river right through town, 30 miles of green belt beside it with parking. The west end is best accessed by bike, so it gets less pressure.
    To the west, the Owyhee is an hour away. Big fish, even when it's busy you can usually find a spot.
    Go west, then north, 40 Min, The south fork Payette. Another hour thru Crouch, the Middle Fork Payette. Farther north, 4 hours, Bear valley, Lots of water.
    Go N/E, the N. Fork Boise and hour plus away, fish that upstream then drive on and fish the Middle Fork Boise. East, then North, the South Fork Boise, an hour and a half.
    West 3 hours: Silver Creek, The Little Wood, The Big Wood.
    South for an hour, the Snake, then west, Billingsly Creek, the Malad River.
    I don't count flat water much, but there's a bunch.

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    Default Re: How Close to Home is "Good" Fishing?

    I chose 3+ hours which is true for trout fishing which is what I prefer.

    However, I do fish Stripers in the bay which is right out my back door but I do not do it much and it is a timing thing.

    Not unusual for me to get up at 2am and drive to good trout fishing fish all day and then drive back home arriving home at midnight. That is why I bought my camper as I can leave the night before, sleep in the camper just about anywhere and then fish, sleep overnight and drive home the next day (after getting a few hours in on the stream of course.).

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    Default Re: How Close to Home is "Good" Fishing?

    I never saw this when it was new either. I can walk to a good trout stream but often drive over.

    It has a lot of these throughout the length of it.

    It dumps into Cook Inlet so there's always the chance of picking up larger fish. The stretch below is about 1/2 mile above tidewater. This stream gets a pretty good run of sockeye and silvers too. I've already walked right up on what had to be a steelhead in early spring only to see it disappear under shelf ice. Neat little spot........

    Most of the places I fish are within an hour of either the house or the cabin, I'm fortunate.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: How Close to Home is "Good" Fishing?

    Seasonal wet wading on 1 of 4 grass flats for tailing Redfish is 5 minutes from my driveway ....maybe 10 if I ride my bike.

    Most ponds have warm water fishing along with their own population of Gators which detracts from the relaxing experience.

    Trout fishing ...mmmm that's a challenge around here, but realistically 5 hours or more to get into Northern Ga or Western NC. There are some in wild streams in upstate SC and at least one stocked river I am aware of mid state.

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    Default Re: How Close to Home is "Good" Fishing?

    I have two stocked rivers that run through my town. They're good early before they warm up, but they are purely stocked fishing.
    Around 45 minutes from me there are a couple on non-stocked rivers that are very good in the Spring and Fall, but get too warm in mid-Summer.
    Mountain fishing for wild trout is from one hour to three hours away depending on where I want to go.
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