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View Poll Results: What knot do you tie your fly on with?

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  • Clinch

    57 21.59%
  • Improved Clinch

    122 46.21%
  • Perfection Loop

    6 2.27%
  • Double Surgeon's Loop

    5 1.89%
  • Uni-Knot/Duncan Loop

    23 8.71%
  • Orvis Knot

    12 4.55%
  • Trilene Knot

    8 3.03%
  • Palomar Knot

    10 3.79%
  • Non-slip Mono Loop

    10 3.79%
  • Other

    28 10.61%
  • Don't know - it's my "significant other's" problem

    2 0.76%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Default Re: What knot do you tie your fly on with?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fly2Fish View Post
    As the "author" of this poll, it's interesting that the top two knots after all this time are the Improved Clinch and the Clinch (in the interests of transparency, I'm a Clinch fan, maybe because they've always been reputedly good on small knots).

    I'm surprised there aren't more "loop" knots voted for.

    There's been much mention of the Davy Knot, but not much reported experience with it. Let me jump this off by mentioning that in my experience (on very light tippet) that unless VERY CAREFULLY tied, the Davy Knot can come loose quite easily.
    I use the davy knot almost all the time, I've never had it slip on 3x and 4x tippet. If I am using a topper/dripper setup I use a davy/improved clinch/davy to tie it all together.

    Sometimes I will use superglue on my knots, especially if I have a pattern that is really catching fish and I'm down to my last fly of that type and I have plenty of fishing time left. But glue or no glue they don't slip on me, maybe the way I tie it?

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    Default Re: What knot do you tie your fly on with?

    clinch always. 8 turns and spit. never had one break.

    fyi- this is the knot i use when halibut fishing in ak. no problems ever, albeit, tied with 80 lb. braid.



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    Default Re: What knot do you tie your fly on with?

    Improved Clinch!

    Tight Lines
    Its all about the strike.

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    Default Re: What knot do you tie your fly on with?

    Improved Clinch has worked for me for years, why fix it if its not broke.
    Tight Lines, Bob

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