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View Poll Results: Where did your rod break?

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  • Tip section

    15 65.22%
  • Other section

    3 13.04%
  • Ferrule

    4 17.39%
  • Right in front of grip

    1 4.35%
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    Default Re: Where it broke at poll

    Quote Originally Posted by jpbfly View Post
    I've grip falling down...and my famous bamboo graphite rod into three pieces
    So can I vote Dan?
    Sure, why not. I had not thought about breaking more than one. What was the most common spot they broke. If two had a break in the tip section vote tip, I guess. Maybe we can get a moderator to add another slot. A buncha rods to be explained.

    We also have a butt section that did not get in the poll, and two ferrules that were not explained. I have theories on both types of break so if we can get those explained or polled I would appreciate it. In the case of the ferrules, I came really close to breaking one on my Meiser when I first got it. I don't want to explain that for a while, but I will at some point.
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    Default Re: Where it broke at poll

    I had to go with other Dan, because I've had 3 tips, one butt, and one mid on a three piece rod.

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    On a plane 35,000 feet in the air to Yosemite right now, but once I can get in front of something that will let me vote (not my iPhone), I will get it up there.
    Isn't technology wonderful?

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    Default Re: Where it broke at poll

    Too bad we can't make multiple choices!

    I have broken one in every place listed with exception of the right in front of the handle.

    Only one of those was not my fault.
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    Default Re: Where it broke at poll

    My first rod breakage. My fault, weighted fly - I blamed it on the wind, but bad casting was the reason I'm sure.
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    Default Re: Where it broke at poll

    Could the two votes for ferrule please post why you think it broke there. There are a couple of places rods break, that I have theories on why they break there. Like the in front of the grip spot. (And to the poster with that one, please vote on the poll) I have busted a few gear rods that way and seen many of them bust there. Virtually all of them happened the same way as far as I know. Same thing with ferrule breaks ( a much rarer place to break 'em). I have only seen one reason they bust there. As in most things, more data is good.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
    one butt, .
    Just out of curiousity, how did that one occur?

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    Default Re: Where it broke at poll

    Over the years a bunch of tips usually for stupid reasons and one butt section on an old Fenwick 11 wt . The butt broke on a downward pull out of an overhead tree. My guess is the rod had never been bent in that direction at the butt and the sudden stress on a section that had only bent the other way so many times over the years just did it in. Just a guess or an exuse for doing something dumb!
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