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Poll: If you could pick just one fly to fish with for the next year whish would you chose?

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    Because I love instant gratification, it would depend on what time of year we started. If it was on January 1, probably a mercury RS2. If it was in March, an 18 GRHE. If it was in July, a Dave's Hopper. If it was in September, a parachute adams size 18.

    But if I had just one for any time of the year? Probably a wolly bugger, olive body, black hackle, with black and olive maribou and flashing tied in along the sides and in the tail. Bead head and weighted. I would get the fun of casting and stripping with the benefit of near year round production.

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    I voted streamer because I can only seem to get hits on clousers or woolly buggers. They just don't seem to care for my nymphs or dries.

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    My most productive fly where I live is a black marabou leech pattern I tie with hourglass eyes left plain ar black, tied on clouser style. It's the fly hooked on the bottom of the reel in this picture...... Dang! Still no attach picture deal! I will be happy when that's fixed.

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    Parachute adams for me size 16/18.
    Come on guys there must be more dry fly fisherman out there!

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    DRY FLY....Andy Kim's....Andy's Candy mating midge in a size 20-24....ALWAYS WORKS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
    A Nine Three, if you aren't familiar with this pattern look it up you may like them. Easy to tie and very effective from spring Creek PA to here and all points in between.
    I must amend this post; make that a Whitlock Sculpin in size #2 dark brown with a red floss body. I want to sneak two patterns into my pocket.

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    I would go with a clouser minnow, can use it here on bass or go out and use it on the salt.

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    i'm gonna have to say wooly bugger. good for most here in ar. ever tried to catch a bass on a #18 scud?

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    oops holy trhead resurection batman! sry

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    I'm surprised only a few people voted for the wet fly. What am I missing?
    It can be fished at various depths depending on the leader length and with a floating line or a sinking line

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    gold ribbed hare's ear SOFT HACKLE. all the fish say YUM!

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