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View Poll Results: If you could pick just one fly to fish with for the next year whish would you chose?

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  • Dry Fly

    45 22.17%
  • Wet Fly

    17 8.37%
  • Nymph

    75 36.95%
  • Streamer

    66 32.51%
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    Default Re: Which fly would you choose

    I voted because the poll shows at the top, but can't remember what I put, lol.

    Here's my latest. The "Western Coachman" developed by Buz. It won the Jackson one fly contest in the 80's. The winner said that he wanted a fly that he could fish wet or dry. The way the story went he lapped the field day 1 , and just had to get through day 2.

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    I will go with nymphs. PT or hare's ear.

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    Default Re: Which fly would you choose

    I wouldn't normally post on a thread this old but since it's risen from the dead.....

    One fly only for a year.....
    easily the Lefty's deceiver, and not just in the salt.
    It's just as effective in smaller sizes for trout and also excellent for warm water fish as well
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    Rip Tide

    It is a really old thread! Thanks for casting a vote. A deceiver is a good streamer choice, good all around fly!!!
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    I figure I'll still be here for a year so I'm going to pick another fly, 'Freight Train' seems to catch everything.

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    Brown bugger...they can't pass up the bugger

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    Nymph around here.

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