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Thread: Sage Approach or Sage Response

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    Default Sage Approach or Sage Response


    I am just getting into fly fishing and I was interested in getting an entry level Sage 5wt Fly Rod. I am interested in hearing if any of you have used either of these rods and which one you prefer?


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    Default Re: Sage Approach or Sage Response

    The rods are different actions, the Approach is a medium fast the Response is a fast action. The feel of these rods will be very different, this can get very involved as to which action is preferred but its like women we all like something different. The medium fast Approach will be somewhat more forgiving of mistimed casts therefore easier for someone starting out.
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    Default Re: Sage Approach or Sage Response

    I am not 100% sure of this but I have been told that the Approach is a replacement rod for the discontinued Vantage. Others on forum may be able to confirm whether or not this is fact. If it is, I would recommend it as an excellent price for the money. I have the Vantage and love the 5 weight in the 8'-6" length. One of the easiest rods in my collection for feel and reasonable distance. I love the older Sage rods in the medium to med. fast actions. I am not sure if you are open to options but Anglers Pro shop has the Vantage on closeout prices if you are going the economical route. The Vantage came with a better case (Reel Mounted) .Just MHO.
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    Default Re: Sage Approach or Sage Response

    Welcome to fly fishing and to the forum. I'll offer up this advise to you.

    1. Take a moment to fill out your profile and put a general location in there. We don't need GPS coordinates but it is helpful to folks who will share information with you as your questions and the advise given could be impacted by location.

    2. If you have one, go to a local fly shop and start asking questions. If you feel they're a good shop, build a relationship with them. That relationship will be worth the weight in gold for years to come.

    If you can get to a shop, explain your situation to them and ask if you can cast some rods. See how different rods feel in your hands and make a decision based on that. I'm not discounting folks advise here, we have an incredibly knowledgeable member base, but we aren't the ones who'll be fishing with the rod. You will

    Lastly, I am giving you fair warning now. I bought an entry level Sage rod some years ago which was my first "premium" rod. I loved it so much that it multiplied into a ridiculous number of them. It can be a slippery slope.

    Have fun shopping, hopefully you'll stick around and join in the fun here.
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    Default Re: Sage Approach or Sage Response

    I grabbed a Sage Approach 590 on a Boxing Day sale to replace my stiff 10 year old 2pc Fenwick HMX. Overall weight is about the same but swing weight is quite a bit lighter. I find it very smooth and accurate with a true to weight line (Cortland 444SL and Airflo Elite Trout) and just ok with Airflo 40+. Loads nice for short casts and easy to handle without tailing loops when you hit the gas too soon. Not great on the long bomb. Somehow, I wound up with a used Z-Axis 590 before I ever had the chance to fish my new rod! Needless to say, the Approach is now my back-up and loaner rod. (I guess I have issues with purchasing things I don't need?) The Z just has an extra level of feel, finesse, and the balls to go long.
    Picked up a 890 Response on closeout a couple weeks ago because I read somewhere that the taper and action was a bit like the Z-Axis and I'm really liking it so far. It certainly doesn't cast in close as well as the Approach or Z series rods (either ZXL or Z-Axis) but it is easy to handle, easy to time a wicked fast haul and send a lot of line zinging past your head. You can also slow it down and open up your loops for bigger flies without missing a beat. (Currently using a Rio Versi-Tip II.)
    Basically, I don't understand why either of these rods haven't got any good press. They are very well put together. Approach is smooth and easy but not a wimpy noodle; Response is almost a cannon, but refined enough to relax and enjoy the moment with a nice progressive taper. Both are excellent all around rods with decent feel and good accuracy.

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    Default Re: Sage Approach or Sage Response

    Quote Originally Posted by fisherman209 View Post

    I am just getting into fly fishing and I was interested in getting an entry level Sage 5wt Fly Rod. I am interested in hearing if any of you have used either of these rods and which one you prefer?

    I just got into fly fishing this summer and pick up the Approach 5wt rod as my first fly rod.

    I liked the feel and finish of it in store and thought I wouldn't 'outgrow' it too fast like I would if I went with a cheaper rod.

    For what it's worth, I gave it to my friend to try out and he said like the feel and thought casted pretty easily. He's been fly fishing for a few years now and uses much higher end rods.

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    They are both fine rods. Both cast very well and will be rods you can fish with throughout your time on the water for years to come.

    Don't fall for the "beginner rod" hype. I have several of the Response rods and have been exclusively fly fishing for about twenty years. They simply fit my casting stroke. The hype is a way to get us to buy eight and nine hundred dollar rods, as if you are not a beginner, the lower end rods simply won't catch fish. Now, I do have some very high end rods as well, but that doesn't make them any more pleasurable to fish than those Response rods. I love fishing with my expensive green rods, but I can't say that I catch any more fish than when I use something less expensive. Get what fits your style and learn to consistently cast it to present flies naturally.

    Don't worry, the fish will be just as irritated with you regardless the rod you have in your hand. That doesn't mean there are not some rods who are real dogs. There are. But the majority of what we have today has benefited greatly from technology advances over the years. The lower end rods from the reputable companies cast as good or better than any of the high end stuff I was buying when I started.

    Now, that advice, imo, does not work with fly line. Get the absolute best line you can afford. Make sure it works well with the rod you like and get them best feeling one. A poor fly line is a bad link.

    As far as right now, which to go with. As long as it feels good to you, I would say go with the Response. It has a litter better taper, and it is cheaper right now because they are on clearance. You can get a Response for $250 on clearance, whereas the Approach, not being clearanced, is still the original price of $295.

    Bottom line?

    Get a rod, get on the water and enjoy and protect our resources. Whatever you have in your hand, just have a sense of gratitude for the amazing creation around you.

    All Means All

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    Default Re: Sage Approach or Sage Response

    Thanks for the responses. Much appreciated!

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