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View Poll Results: Allow topics like The Clean Water Act & Public Access to rivers & Creeks or not?

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  • Yes: I believe this is an important issue related to fly fishing as a whole.

    72 75.79%
  • No: This is a political issue and has no place or bearing regarding fly fishing

    23 24.21%
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    Default Re: A Poll Regarding Posting Content

    I don't assume anything, those of us that can find common ground will, some never will.

    Why does the forum exist? To sell stuff? Share information? To self promote? To pass on a tradition?

    Many here pass on fairness and ethics, conservation, catch and release a duty of stewardship and a sense of responsibility to something much larger than themselves.

    And Preservation.

    I think there is something more here than simply the gear page.

    You've all taught me great things, and I've passed them on, except the secret stuff, That spirit spreads whether you think it does or not.

    A positive vibe, fairness and rules, selflessness, its in your stories, and your compassion.

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    Default Re: A Poll Regarding Posting Content

    Quote Originally Posted by unknownflyman View Post
    ...I think there is something more here than simply the gear page.....
    I hacked out a piece of a very good post Steve. This is all some desire to read here. Sage X vs Asquith vs Radian threads..... I have no problem with that facet of the forum but I too hope for more from the largest FF forum on the planet. But it can't happen if we aren't CONSISTENTLY civil enough to self police and get past the "one line kill shot punch in the face" posts. They allowed a 100 post thread and we couldn't pull it off.

    Until both sides find some ability to actually read an opposing view and acknowledge the other side has some legitimate concerns, we have nothing constructive to discuss. That's not how our last thread went down. Most everyone dug in their heels and conceded nothing, and occasionally a punch thrown toward a politician, party or industry. So little point of further discussion IMO. As of now Ard's solution seems like the correct one.
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    Default Re: A Poll Regarding Posting Content

    I've been away hauling fuel to the cabin, it was a typo and I attribute that to my being in a hurry to get on the trail a few days back.

    I'll figure out how a sub forum can run without too many problems. This may take some time and I just came home half an hour ago.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Life On The Line - Alaska Fishing with Ard
    Ard's Forum blog, Alaska Outdoors

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