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Thread: tie or (k)not

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    I am relatively new to fly fishing and have thus far chosen to purchase flies. Mainly for two reasons:
    1. I have eye issues and even with a magnifying glass, it would place more stress on my eyes and I do that enough in front of a computer monitor all day.
    2. I have too many hobbies already, lol. I'm sure tying might save money in the long run, but I can't do things partially. Ita either all in or not other words, I would have to have an area for tying, all the coolest bells and whistles, etc......and then I might not use it enough to make it worth it.

    I might pick it up some day to customize and fine tune when I get better at this craft, but for now, I'm happy using bought flies.


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    Default Re: tie or (k)not

    Was tying jigs before starting fly fishing. Only natural to move to hooks.
    Was almost dumbfounded seeing percentage numbers in other thread. Of those who tie vs those that don't. In some degree this affects actually catching fish. And the by far greater number of people. Are in fact handicapping themselves.
    None of these people are going home or sitting down steamside and tying up what will catch fish. Instead they go to store ?
    Many individual tyers exist that build good flies and sell them. Many will work with buyers, giving them what they want. And how wanted. Factory flies are another subject. Professionally tied means little if tied incorrectly.
    Local fly shops are all saltwater oriented. An example of professional flies to not use. That all of them carry crabs. Round crabs. Round crabs do not sink right. When I or another bring Del Browns/Merkins into my friends shop, their gone in a day.
    In practically every fly shop you'll find , Clouser minnows. Excuse me, Clouser Deep Minnows. Next time pick one up. If the thread wraps reach from hook eye to led eyes. It's not like , Bobs. In fact he makes a point of just this in his instructions on tying this fly. Thread gets no closer to led eyes than halfway on shaft from hook eye. Wrapping to eyes severely limits action of fly. When done correctly fly has scissor action when stripped. Opens dropping and closes to rise.
    If one wants to save time looking to buy some. Call Bob !

    .......... pc

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