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View Poll Results: When do you think about fishing?

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  • All of the time including dreaming about it

    17 58.62%
  • Outside of work time

    1 3.45%
  • Only when Iím stuck at work

    1 3.45%
  • Not much, I have too many other interests

    0 0%
  • Never

    0 0%
  • When Iím on the water

    0 0%
  • I donít have to even think about it, itís who I am.

    6 20.69%
  • When Iím driving

    0 0%
  • When my spouse is talking

    0 0%
  • Other

    4 13.79%
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    Default Re: Whenís Your Favorite Time to Think About Fishing

    Whenever not fishing
    Adoption is Amazing

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    Default Re: Whenís Your Favorite Time to Think About Fishing

    Quote Originally Posted by scotty macfly View Post
    Even when I'm on the potty.
    I was gonna say that just to be a (very honest) smarta$$. Happens all the time, it's just a good seat to ponder from.

    I had to pick the first choice on the poll, being a flytyer it's pretty near impossible to clear the mind of piscatorial thoughts for long. No matter where one is, there's always potential material somewhere in the visual.

    Could anyone here imagine what it would be like to look at a Mayfly or Winter Stone, not know what it is, and not be thinking about fishing? That would be strangely foreign to me, once one knows it cannot be "jus sum bug" ever again.

    To drive over a bridge and not peek down for a moment, perhaps even slowing to check for signs of life in the water? Same for "dimple checks" on retention ponds and roadside bodies of water? Not possible.

    For all it entails, to not think of fishing or not have my thoughts and living experience influenced by that related to fishing would be a lesser and perhaps somewhat dismal existence. Fishing, especially flyfishing, is huge in the way it enriches a life and enhances one's appreciation for so much beyond simply catching a fish.

    We're a fortunate folk, to be certain. Sometimes makes me wonder what it's like to be a non-angler and what it is they're thinking about all the time.

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    Default Re: Whenís Your Favorite Time to Think About Fishing

    I voted "other" since there's no particular time. I am pretty "one track" type of person.
    My mind is almost always on the task at hand. Meditation in my younger days paid off with a very focused mind now. I'm not boasting about it, just saying. I.E. If I am mowing grass, then I am focused on mowing grass ... If I am driving, I am driving (phone's turned off) ... my mind doesn't wander off.

    That said ... anytime I find myself without a task, then fishing, or tying flies for fishing, crops up pretty easily.

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    Default Re: Whenís Your Favorite Time to Think About Fishing

    Late Winter, like NOW till ~late April... Nothing puts the brain on overdrive like days of being bottled up in snow & ice...

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    Default Re: Whenís Your Favorite Time to Think About Fishing

    I am kind of ashamed to admit it but I think about fishing or tying flys pretty much most of the time. Sometimes even when my favorite girl is talking to me.


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    Default Re: Whenís Your Favorite Time to Think About Fishing

    I know that this is an older poll, however I was asked a few days ago about how much I love to fish and my answer was this, “every time that I see a body of water, be it a river, stream or pond I start thinking about what kind of fish may inhabit it and where is the best place that I can fly fish from”. So, my answer is all the time. I’m a self proclaimed fly fishing junkie. This is my crack.

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