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  • Paid for or received lessons initially from FFF pro

    8 17.39%
  • Had informal initial lessons from a friend

    12 26.09%
  • Learned from Youtube and books or other media

    21 45.65%
  • Learned by trial and error

    27 58.70%
  • Continue to take lessons

    5 10.87%
  • Wished I had taken a lesson or more lessons

    5 10.87%
  • I am a FFF pro instructor and teach others

    2 4.35%
  • Other

    3 6.52%
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Thread: Lessons?

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    Default Re: Lessons?

    I'm self taught, but I try to learn something from everybody that I've fished with. Sometimes what not to do is just as valuable as what to do.

    25 years ago I had shoulder surgery so I learned to cast with my off hand (left). That has become invaluable. No more backcast obstacles, extended reach mends and equal proficiency casting from either side of a drift boat.

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    I was initially self taught(from the age of 8) but on realizing my limitations took some lessons, best money I ever spent on fishing.

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    I learned from books and trial-and-error as a kid, supplemented by videos in later life (after the invention of the internet). I had never had a lesson from a pro, or even a peer who could give me a critique (I did once set up a video camera in my yard so I could see what I was doing). Anyway, for Christmas my wife bought me a gift certificate for an "instructional fishing tour" through a local fly shop, with a professional instructor/guide. He told me my mechanics were good about 80% of the time, with no major criticism, just some degradation after a long spell of multiple casts with a bunch of stuff on the end (two flies, split shot, and indicator; I have never done that kind of nymph fishing, I have only ever used one fly at a time and no other hardware). So that was gratifying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spm View Post
    I was self-taught from the age of 11. Then as an adult, living in St. Louis, I took a series of fly fishing and tying lessons from a local fly fishing club. That was in the late 80s or early 90s. Then nothing until around 2005 a friend and I hired a guide for a half-day of instruction on the water. Haven't learned anything since.

    Haven't learned anything since? Your killin' me. Self-taught at thirteen and Youtube, a casting class with the club and fly shop when I started fly fishing again. Still can't cast worth a damn. I guess I haven't learned anything either.

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    I was self taught as an adult, starting with spin rods, then moving to the fly rod. First bit of info was a "How to" in magazine format. I picked up Lefty Kreh's book and that added 15' to my casts, and a lot of other common sense tips. I wish I'd known or heard about hauling before I fished for 10 years: Now I can't seem to unlearn casting to insert a haul when I need to.

    "Every [child] has the right to a first fish. On this particular planet, no man is granted a greater privilege than to be present and to assist in the realization of this moment". Bill Heavey

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    Default Re: Lessons?

    The only option I didn't tick was the first one. I would have taken a lesson if an instructor was available but none were at the time.

    That's why I became an instructor ....

    IFFF Certified Casting Instructor

    (Formerly known as Kalgrm)

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    Default Re: Lessons?

    I had a planned 1/2 day guided trout trip washed out in Maine the year I decided to start fly fishing. Turned that into a private casting lesson. I then supplemented that with a course held by the local TU chapter.

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    I was self tough or by "error and error" and I hate this fact. It took me a couple years to break from bad habit!!! Big mistake but I had no choice unfortunately.
    Sad thing is that you can be a phenomenal fly fisherman without knowing how to cast. Good thing is that once you understand what and why fly fishing/casting enriches and open new dimension of pure joy! (next and equal to catching, tying, catching, hatchmatching, traveling unbelievable places...

    I practice about twice a week.

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