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    Default Re: Floating line... WF or DT

    I've cast WF lines of different configuration on all of my rods since around the mid 80's. Recently I purchased an older Martin 67SS-A reel on ebay to fit on a beautiful old Browning 'Silaflex' 7' 6" 5/6wt, the reel had a new (old stock) S&A Aircell DT 6wt line. After attaching a leader I took my new rig to the lawn for a tryout, didn't expect much from the short, old glass rod and DT line........Boy was I in for a surprise, short/mid range cast were an absolute joy, and it was hardly any effort at all to toss nice tight loops 75'-85'. Not sure if it was the older glass rod, the line, or maybe the combination of the two, but I look forward to actively fishing with this rig in the future.

    As soon as the chance comes to put the DT line on a good graphite rod like my Loomis IMX 8' 6" 6wt to play around with I will, and if the line performs equal too, or better than it did on the old Silaflex, I'll be adding a few DT lines to the arsenal. Dependent on the fishing situation, there certainly can be advantages to the use of a Double Taper.

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    Default Re: Floating line... WF or DT

    4 Wt: DT
    5 - 12 Wt: WF


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    Default Re: Floating line... WF or DT

    I always thought DT lines were old school and just for old guys, but I've realized how much a DT line can help if you are a dedicated nymph fisherman. Put that on a stiff rod and mend mend mend!!

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    I enjoy wf lines much better than dt any day of the week.Sometimes action of the rod has a lot to do with it.seems like fiberglass rods react muck better to dt lines. thanks rick

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    Default Re: Floating line... WF or DT

    all wf for me as well although i do have a dt5 that im planning on trying on a new glass rod.



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    Default Re: Floating line... WF or DT

    I have a preference for WF lines because 99% of my fishing is on lakes so mending the line is not necessary.

    For flowing water conditions where mending is a necessity, I will most definitely use a DT line and maybe even use a larger size line for the situations where most of my casts will be short.

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    Default Re: Floating line... WF or DT

    WF... it simply works well.

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    For most freshwater fishing I use a fiberglass rod with DT. I've the habit of having too much line in the air and DT seems to compensate. In addition, 70-75 feet is about as far as I generally want to send it.

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    WF is all I use anymore.
    ...some men go to church and think of fishing while other men go fishing and feel closer to God

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    I tend to use WF more fequently however, DT lines have their place in my arsenal. I shy away from the super fast ubber cool rods that everyone seems to want these days so DT works fine.

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