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    The Triangle Taper is really just an extended WF. But, I love them. The taper makes it the best roll casting line ever made, which makes it among the most versatile. Most new anglers never learn or are taught the roll cast.

    That is interesting. I have a Wulff TT and I never cared for it. I tried it on several rods. It finally shined on a Fenwick 5'3" glass. I am sure it is casting styles.

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    Joni, how long ago did you try it?

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    A couple years ago. Has it changed?

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    Yeh, quite a bit particularly in advanced coatings, and new models. After my comment about roll casts, I reaized that their Ambush line could be just the thing for rivers from a pontoon or boat to work shore lines. Not great on tiny drys, but deadly on larger nymphs, buggers, and larger drys. It will return your cast to same distance on one pickup. In the interest of full disclosure I've known the owner, Doug Cummings, for a long time, but always say what's on my mind.

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    Thanks J4G. Good to know. When My Sharkskin fails me I will look into it ;-)

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